While the world slowly emerges from quarantine, the fashion industry is undergoing significant changes. A global pandemic was a catalyst for rethinking not only the work of fashion calendar and fashion show, but the very essence of things.In early may, designer Simon Port Acmus, speaking at an online conference Global Conversations Vogue, announced that it wants to reconsider the future of its own brand Jacquemus and try yourself in the role of a freelance artist. About his true identity and the meaning of the profession began to think of many. Akmus no exception. Thought about future and Gucci creative Director Alessandro Michele. The outcome of his reflections was published in Instagram in the form of quarantine of the diaries under the title “Notes of silence” and announced in a closed online conferences — Gucci will do two shows a year, combining men’s and women’s collection (Milan fashion week in September, the house will miss) and will refuse to accept the “worn-out ritual of seasonality”. According to the designer, the usual division of the collections for spring-summer and autumn-winter outlived its usefulness as a gender policy. The revision of the approach said in a joint statement of the American Council of fashion designers (CFDA) and British fashion Council (BFC). There the same measures — reducing the number of new collections to two per year and create more high quality items.The General attitude — we need to slow down. However, if you leave high-sounding words aside, the language of business “slow down” means. Fashion industry has always been quick to respond to changing consumer behavior. In the U.S., the crisis has considerably affected financial opportunities for the middle class. In the UK volume sales of clothing decreased by 50.2% compared with April last year. Only 19% of Britons, according to the poll, I think that the fashion industry after a pandemic will return to its usual appearance, the other 81% — and that’s an impressive figure — unsure of her future. Most likely, the same 81% in the current environment, anything not sure.When almost primitive fear for his life paralyzed humanity, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing and exactly how combination of things. The starry streetstyle without tears look impossible — it has never been so unfashionable. The outputs of the stars can be traced only two major trends — masks and gloves to avoid Contracting the disease, and a comfortable versatile dress. Pandemic coronavirus revealed a forgotten truth — if you’re sick and you’re sick, anyway, what kind of shoes are Gucci or Yeezy Boost. The virus turned out to be surprisingly indifferent as to the social status and verified bows.The main thing today is not how you look but how you feel. While in isolation, we have to listen to your feelings, even the most inveterate skeptics and workaholic began to monitor his condition just in case and pRavda is necessary. The most precious gift today and will until the invention of vaccine — the presence of immunity, people in social networks are genuinely happy to see a antibodies. Health are the new fashion. Against this background, confidently predict only the demand for sportswear and its subsequent impact on other product groups. Sports have always gone hand in hand with health, running and growing online training people was during the quarantine, more objectively. Athletic figure — emphasizing her dignity silhouettes and the return of the athleisure style. We already have a quick-drying t-shirt made from recycled plastic and clothes that retain heat in extreme temperatures. Would like to see in 2020 there will be other really futuristic, functional and practical clothing, which had been the dream of science fiction. I don’t need more than just a skirt or dress with the same properties as 100 years ago, I want to see whether the technology that we are so proud to protect me when I need.