The lack of interest in the women’s football world Cup is encouraged from an early age. The collecting fever has broken out at the boys and girls weeks before the men’s world Cup 2018 in Russia, there is in front of the women’s world Cup in France, currently dead.

Not without reason: the third edition of the Panini-FIFA world Cup, the women for weeks on the market. But in order to find the Bildli, you need to search for the girls and boys in Switzerland for a long time.

“No keen interest felt”

Migros, Coop, Aldi and Lidl were outbid at the FIFA world Cup, the men in Russia to 2018 with Panini actions. The Migros gave away the collection bildli even for a shopping. The Panini pictures and albums for the women’s football world Cup does not run currently but is in the range of, say, retailers VIEW on request.

Aldi set be offer always according to the needs of the clientele, says an Aldi spokesman Philippe Vetterli. “As we have seen stickers in the run-up is no lively interest in Panini, on the occasion of the women’s football world Cup in 2019, are these at Aldi Suisse this year, not for sale,” he said.

Coop has the opportunity to simply

missed in Coop, there is not the Bildli. “We, unfortunately, learn too late about the possibility of to order this,” explains Coop spokeswoman Andrea Bergmann.

“we Have not,” it was said in two large Valora kiosks in Zurich will be on VIEW request. According to Company spokesman Martin Zehnder, the albums and images the Fifa women’s world Cup but since may of 2019, in various of the larger kiosk and Press&Books outlets in Switzerland.

football-Panini since 1970 a cult

The rage but they are not. “The sale is running less well than during the past football world Championships”, says Zehnder. Experience has shown that this is not hanging, among other things, that the Swiss Team is taking part, he said politically correct.

The Panini stickers and albums are cult since the FIFA world Cup, the men in Mexico in 1970.