the Tourist season in Russia is expected to officially open July 1.

Although it has run health resorts in Sevastopol, the Stavropol and Krasnodar edges, waiting for the guests of Altai. Authorities for many years we holiday at home. This year the coronavirus “helped” to redirect tourist traffic. What awaits vacationers at local resorts?

After the partial lifting of quarantine restrictions, the Crimea is preparing for the full house.

“Rukastogo” — like hot cakes

Prepare everything from sanatoriums to the private sector. Each to the best of their ability. And the local residents can only envy. Thus, the 83-year-old Claudia A. urgent upgrades second floor of the house, which rents rooms. Her property is within the area of greater Yalta. Responsible order, though not state, Claudia A. asked Alexander. He’s 70 years, professional Builder, known in the neighborhood as “handy man”. And another old looking for summer employee, which will remove the “rooms”. Already available the room booked by her regular guests from the continent for the entire holiday season.

Diet please?

Being hasty construction, and in the fashionable 5* hotel belonging to a major Russian Bank. Locals say that there are built houses for the VIP clients which year, due quarantine and border closures were deprived of the possibility to go on vacation to Europe or the United States. In this sector the price per night starts from 10 thousand rubles Crimea in the new reality becomes a place of promise for the elite. Many wealthy people sit here quarantine.

Homes that are not sold on the Peninsula for several years, in the early spring went “whiz” — because real estate in the Crimea became the gateway to the Peninsula. For the rest of the region has been closed until 15 June. A Moscow resident Anton, who arrived in Crimea on 5 June on the invitation of a friend, went to the Observatory: “I do not understand the conditions of entry. So straight from the airport me and the other “offenders” were taken to sanatorium Mechta.

Those who had signs of respiratory disease, lived in a single room, the remaining three people in the room. “Walk” came out on the balcony. Food three times a day brought the employee in the “suit”. The question is not did Anton “agree”, the man replied that it was “no options”. Quarantine on the Peninsula is actually implemented strictly. Every day the resort areas, even distant, was patrolled by the police.

Until June 15, the owners of Crimean hotels shied away from visitors from other regions like the devil from Holy water. The Peninsula quickly received the information that the controlling bodies were sent to several hotels “decoy ducks”. Those guestsnice, who took those guests, were fined hundreds of thousands of rubles. For smaller hotels this is akin to ruin.

How much is a vacation in resort

* Accept arrivals after July 1,
** Accept arrivals after July 15

Mullet do not “bite”

Now, visitors to the Crimeans in the mass, calmly. Panic that you will be bringing infection, no. Immediately after the opening of the Crimea tickets from Moscow to Simferopol became the leaders of sales. From Simferopol most visitors go to the resorts of the South coast (southern coast of Crimea). A taxi ride from Simferopol to Yalta will cost 2500 rubles., to foros — 3000 RUB., to Sevastopol — 2500 RUB It from the official carriers. Fish call prices higher. However, from Simferopol to South coast resorts can be reached perfectly by public transport.

Intercity buses begin to go from the airport from 5 a.m. and every hour until late evening. On the bus road will cost 4-5 times cheaper than a taxi.

as to the price of fruits and vegetables in the Crimea, they almost make it to Moscow. Spa specifics! Local strawberries, which is already relegated, have risen in price to 250-300 rubles. per kg. of large Sweet cherries in the region of 250 rubles. per kg. of Fresh potatoes — 50 RUB. Large tomato — 120 RUB., cucumbers — 50 RUB., greens — 20-25 rubles per beam. But at the fish markets in June to early July you can still buy mullet. This fish is legendary. No wonder it is called a mullet. There was a time when the black sea red mullet was permitted to serve only on the table to the Turkish Sultan. Today in the Crimea a large mullet at the fish market sell for 500 rubles. per kg. This fish likes cool sea, and when the water warms up above +20°C, the freshly caught mullet in Crimea is not to get. The restaurants prepare frozen.

Until recently, the Crimean was much troubled by drought. The lack of rain has led to the silting up of reservoirs. Ready to put water in the house for hours. But in early June, the saving rains. The situation improved. And the rest with water shortage will face.

the Beaches are slowly starting to come to life. However, the owners of the beach cafe in a private conversation complained that still do not know all the new rules. However, local residents who have the bulk of the revenue associated with the tourist season, still sighed with relief.

Most Russian resorts from the beginning of June ready to take a rest. And — to raise prices.

In the bathroom — one

In the Altai region the main point of attraction of tourists remains resort city Federal significance Belokurikha, where 16 health centers, including a network of “Resort Belokurikha” (leading among sanatoria Siberia).

However, while g��STEY bit, mostly residents of the neighboring Siberian regions.

Rules for all — locals and visitors — General. Together in one room accommodated only spouses (civilian have to write a receipt) and parents with children. But brothers/sisters and best friends to the location of the save fail: strictly one per room. Supply of masks will also have to bring or buy on the spot — to give them away in sanitariums will not.

Mass procedures in “Altai Switzerland” — therapeutic showers, group classes at the gym and physical therapy room, and treatment changed the air environment (aerosol therapy, speleotherapy, hypoxic , etc.) — cancelled until better times. No pools, baths, saunas. And here is the famous radon baths is please as other individual treatments.

In sanatoria “Belokurikha Resort” saved the system “buffet”, only the guests at the line of distribution of hot and cold dishes now served by the chef. To avoid crowds, Breakfast, lunch and dinner for each guest painted individually. Of entertainment currently available only those that are outdoors, or individual. But take a stroll throughout the resort area and all around the city vacationers will be able without any restrictions.

In sanatoriums Kavminvod the demand for tickets is there, but many inhibits the necessity of obtaining certificates and health resort cards. “Prices are still the same, in some resorts they have grown by 5%, but by year-end, most likely, the increase will be 10% as of the sanatorium have the additional costs of providing enhanced health protection in a pandemic”, — says CEO of the holding of trade Union health resorts Nikolai Murashko.

the Resorts of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk have prepared for travelers a new treatment program. “We took into account that people sat for a long time in a confined space, I moved little, nervous. The new program will be useful both for the prevention of lung disease and restore the body after infection,” says Director and chief physician of the sanatorium “Moscow” in Kislovodsk Herman Shaklein. Rehabilitation program in health resort conditions to recover from COVID-19 appeared in Zheleznovodsk.

“the development of a methodology that offers sanatorium “Beshtau”, was attended by the doctors from the clinic in Kommunarka. It is based on mineral water therapy, walking for health paths, and respiratory procedures,” — said the head of Zheleznovodsk Evgenie Moiseev.

Those who will come to the Caucasian mineral waters, will not have to sit in the walls of the resorts. You might be walking in the parks and path, to take the sun and��thermal baths under the open sky. Vacationers can also go on excursions to the mountains.

a Quarantine on the territory of Krasnodar region was abolished on June 21. “We can return to normal life, but in stages,” he said at the meeting oberstab Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. The speech of the Governor was a welcome signal for the tourism industry.

the strongest Survive

enter the region will be free, but at railway stations, at airports and checkpoints on the roads entering will be measured temperature. This is done in a contactless device. Procedure take a matter of seconds, so a long wait is not necessary. But those who come to the Kuban due borders will have 14 days to spend in observation.

About where they will live, vacationers should take care in advance. Despite the fact that permission for the opening of hotels with a capacity of 50 people was given June 12, many facilities are not opened, and their owners are not sure what will work in the foreseeable future.

If you are hoping on arrival to rent housing from private owners, again, worry about how to pre-figure out the environment. For example, in Gelendzhik there are problems with water supply: in the afternoon the water supply often stops. But when you consider that June 21, permission to open was received by all major hotels, with the roof over your head should not occur.

On the beaches will be crowded

One of the reasons that motivate visitors to come to rest in the Krasnodar region, — the abundance of local berries and fruits.

compared with last year the prices have grown, and the reason is not only the pandemic, but also in the vagaries of the weather. “This year had everything: showers, heat, frost and strong wind. In the city in the courtyard of the apricots normally bloomed, and at their summer cottage in the open — a strong wind all pobival. Raspberry due rain wiped out. But that’s me. And somewhere, on the contrary, can be an excellent harvest”, — says a resident of the region Valery, having a large farm.

to Display average prices — a thankless task. But the reality is approximately as follows: in Krasnodar strawberries costs an average of 200 RUB. (last year sold for 150, however, this berry is going out). The cherries are sold to 250-300 RUB Apricots and peaches imported, the still sing.

In Sochi, strawberries and cherries are on 230-250 rubles., last year the prices were in the range of 150-180 RUB Apricots Turkish — 180 roubles for kg.

In Gelendzhik strawberries 160 RUB Cherry — 220-240 RUB., raspberries just appeared, while costs 600 RUB a Lot of cherry, average price of 250 rubles.

as for the beaches… If you were hoping to sunbathe in solitude, alas, these dreams will not come true. According to the inhabitant of Gelendzhik Svetlana, on the beaches crowded. “I don’t sunbathe, but I have seen people there a lot. However, the city has many beautiful places where you can relax. For example, we have a wonderful waterfront. It is very pleasant to walk, to breathe the sea air.”

shoppers also will have something to do during the holidays. 21 June in the Krasnodar region opened shopping centers, entertainment zones and food is to remain closed.

it would not Like to relax on vacation, yet we should not forget that the coronavirus is not yet defeated and in the region continues to operate on high alert. To exit the Kuban will be in a phased manner and in compliance with all recommendations of the CPS.

According to Vice President Russian Union of travel industry Yuri Barzykin, in July to 70% of our regions will be to receive tourists.

go Where?

— the Concentration of tourists on the black sea coast now could potentially be dangerous. Rosturizm decided to distribute the flows within the country. Going to run special Charter programs, they will reduce travel and open up new opportunities for the regions, which were perceived as very expensive or exotic. In the first place is the Altai, Khakassia and Buryatia. Breakthrough of the season will be Kaliningrad, where the tour operator has set the price for a week from 10 to 17 thousand rubles per person, including flights. This is an unprecedented cheap, — says the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

What will happen to prices?

— the Owners of flats, apartments and houses, most of which operate outside the law, often inflate the cost. Now such speculations are many in the Crimea. If we take industry as a whole, improving in some places more than 5-10% is not expected. Today, all fighting for the tourist and will reduce or keep prices. Some owners of hotels even plan to dump because to deal with the “gray” market is difficult, and the need to survive. Affect the pricing and costs for the purchase of personal protective equipment, steam generators and disinfectants, the Executive Director of the National Union of organizations of the hospitality industry (OSIG) Alexey Volkov.

— Prices in Krasnodar and Stavropol territories remained at the same level as last year and range from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles a day in comfortable accommodation with catering. The average cost of a comfortable stay along the banks of rivers and lakes, with the exception of suburbs and seaside resorts, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand. There are camp sites and sanatoria, where the price starts from 1000 rubles for accommodation per person, — tells Maya Lomidze.

What help will have to carry?

— health resort companies can take tourists t��only in the presence of three documents: authorization (Spa card) statement of medical history and a physician’s prescription, information about the absence of coronavirus, which you can obtain for 2 days prior to departure to the destination, and information about health. The latter is necessary in all resorts regardless of the region — it is the recommendation of the CPS. For hotels and hotels are no such requirements, explains Maya Lomidze.

But, according to Alexei Volkov, “the hotels to be safe, also will take the documents about the absence of disease and help”

Safe in a pandemic to communicate with the private sector?

— In the current extremely difficult situation, “gray” segment of the industry was the absolute win. On it requirements of the CPS do not apply. At the same time increased the number of people willing to help and make quietly cheaper to go to the private sector. To identify these landlords is extremely difficult. How to control what you do not know, I do not, — tells Maya Lomidze. But to rent from private owners housing is unsafe. Questions on sanitation to the private sector had emerged even before the introduction of strict requirements.

What happens if you already have a rest, and in a sanatorium found Cavenago patient?

— First, the CPS in case of detection of the object of the sick COVID-19 offered to turn the hotel or resort in the Observatory and to suspend the work. But after appeals of tortoishell and the Federal tourism Agency decided to close the hotel and all the establishment on quarantine will not. The entity will have to report it to CPS or the ambulance that they are people with a high temperature. A guest with a suspected virus and the people with whom he associated, will settle for separate rooms for analysis and determination of status at COVID-19. If the status light, will leave in a conditional box to isolation if severe — will be taken to the hospital. But the content in the Observatory and laboratory studies, the guest will pay for itself. In the case of confirmation of coronavirus in the room of your residence and common areas will conduct a thorough disinfection. Other visitors will not bother, they will continue to rest, — says Alexey Volkov.

From July in the regions are starting to open camps.

According to the recommendations of the CPS to take children from airports and stations to replace the need for a special “green corridors”, the daily to measure the temperature in half to reduce the occupancy of groups and teams.

How to change children’s holidays, said the Director of one of the country’s best camps, received the quality mark “the Best — to children”, the Director of the Perm regional separated��I public organization “Assistance to children’s camping” Valery Long: “For us to implement the new recommendations are not so difficult. Early during medical hours the boys come to the clinic where they were examined by a doctor, they received an oxygen cocktail and vitamins, someone sent to thisprocedure. Now add the specifics related to COVID-19. Traditional parent’s day cancelled. But it will be a daily parent hours for communication with parents on the phone. A counselor has to spend his weekends at the camp. The number of children in the units will be half the size: instead of 32 people — 16. Apparently, will not allow overnight camping or vilacrosse — all events outside the camp may be canceled”. However, this requirement of many camp managers consider excessive. What can harm healthy children walk through the forest or trek?

the Majority of children’s country camps were not included in the number of the industries most affected by the pandemic coronavirus, and will not receive state support. Although many had parents to return money for the bought in late winter trips. So this summer will survive, not all of the country’s 40 thousand camps.