with The increased test capacity, up to 10,000 tests per day, and will be immediately activated in all residential care centres in the whole of the region to be tested. That is, the ministers of Health agreed at an inter-ministerial conference, report to minister, Philippe De Backer (Open VLD). “The conference was in agreement that it is essential to have, in addition to the test of the symptomatic cases, the ouderenzorgsector as a priority to be regarded.”

since last Thursday, it was possible to have each and every day is good for 10,000 tests, but at the beginning of the week were about 4,000 tests are used. On Tuesday pleaded with The Backer in parliament, for the extension of the target group of these tests, and that a priority list has been modified so that it also is in the residential care centres are extensively tested, can be used. Also, asymptomatic primary health care providers will now be able to be tested. In addition, it may be symptomatic, the patients in the hospitals and health care providers is still to be tested.

“It will be from now on, just to test, say Its Backers on Friday. “There has been no allocation agreed to between the hospitals and residential care centres, however, it goes without saying that we will have the practical effect of them quickly started working with the residential care centres. This will not be on top of their heads to do that.’

at The “test capacity is there, it should really be used where they are most needed,” says De Backer. “We need to do for this vulnerable group in our society, and the people on the front lines.” The Risk Management Group, which determines what and who is being tested. The guidelines have now been changed. “We know that the experts ‘ group on the board, and it is, therefore, also cannot be held responsible for them,” said the spokesperson.

For the avoidance of doubt, the ability to get to 10,000 tests per day) in addition to the 20,000 for the tests, which have, since the beginning of this week, has already been rolled out in the homes for the elderly.

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