a Short and extremely irregular rainfall in may led to a further silting up of the reservoirs of the Peninsula. This is evidenced by published by the Crimean center of Hydrometeorology review of the state of the rivers of the Peninsula.

the catchment of different rivers in the last month of spring, fell from 9.3 to 97 millimeters of rain. So, in the basins of the rivers Kacha and Belbek, Derekoika, Demerdzhi and Small Salgir rain was in the normal range. In the basins of the rivers Salgir, Biyuk-Karasu, Kuchuk-Karasu, su-Indole – in the range of 29-62% of normal. But in the pool of the Black river near the village rodnikovskogo heaven was very stingy and gave only 9.3 millimeters, which is 80 percent smaller than normal. At the same time in the mountains fell to 55.5 77.3 mm of rainfall, or 82-102 percent of normal.

Simferopol reservoir is thus replenished, only 0.8 million cubic meters, while a year ago in may – 2.1. Now it’s filled with only 25 percent of the design volume. In General the total supply of water in reservoirs the natural flow by June 1 – just 85,16 million cubic meters of water, by 9.62 less than a month ago. A year ago, in early summer, the reservoirs were more than 110 million cubic meters, that is exceeded the current is more than two times.

– the Lack of precipitation in the spring and snowy winter contributed to an early, uncharacteristic for this time of year, water is not only in the basins of small rivers of the Northern foothills and the South coast, but also in the basins of major rivers – note the hydrologists. – While maintaining the adverse SYNOPTIC situation during the second half of June will dry up the Black river above black river reservoir.

Recall, for supplying additional water to Simferopol built two conduit – and Ivanovo and Vilinskaya intakes. Together they will give the capital of Crimea more than 50 thousand cubic meters of water with a daily intake of more than 150 thousand. Due to this, it is planned to reduce the consumption of water from shallow to 26 percent of the Partisan reservoir.