The researchers assessed the level of protection homemade masks

American physicists investigated the level of protection of the homemade masks. The results were published in the journal ACS Nano.

As specified, to verify they have created a spray setup, which allowed to establish the ability of the mask to contain hazardous particles. Scientists were particularly interesting level of protection against coronavirus.

The device is sprayed in the air, the liquid and particles of solid matter. After this, the specialists have established the throughput of the masks that were made of different materials.

It turned out that the masks consisting of several word, almost identical to a respirator class No. 95, which is recommended by American doctors.

Our experiments showed that combination of different fabrics, for example, dense cotton fabric and silk, chiffon or flannel, good protection from drops aerosols of different size, said the researchers.

They added that it is important a tight seal of mask to face and no damage. Otherwise, the efficiency of the wear will be reduced at least twice. The best were the double-layered mask made of cotton or silk.