Not only the private life of employees is compromised by regulatory requirements, but also the organization of the application service is affected by the pandemic. For further contact reduction RTW) were now being outsourced car at individual sites, rescue (in order not to endanger the readiness for use is unnecessary.

We are here to help! the corporate philosophy of the rescue service in the districts of Dithmarschen, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Pinneberg, Segeberg and stone castle is. In order to maintain this, to ensure the RKiSH further action for the contact reduction to the Rescue, and thus to slowing the spread of Infection are implemented.

Volker Böhm as the Department head of the service, explains: “The maximum reduction among all the colleagues is a fundamental operating requirement. We have, in addition to a medical also a high level of social responsibility.”

The access to the buildings is not permitted-Operating and non-service-to-do gentlemen for a long time. Now, the service will have crews vehicle-related separated from each other, in order to have as little contact to the other Teams, to avoid potential infections.

RKiSH is as a public rescue service is a fundamental part of the General interest and takes on the responsible job to both the patients and employees very seriously.

“We will not prevent infections, you need to slow down the spread but, in order for the clinical structures can be used to treat the severely ill patients well!”, Dr. med says. André Gnirke as Medical Director of the RKiSH.

At several locations either spatial separations were carried out in the guards for each of the crews (individual rooms, living containers, etc.), or whole Teams with their vehicles “temporarily offloaded”.

“that does not mean that the rented external accommodation or other solutions mean a permanent stationing of emergency vehicles. The network of existing Ambulances is planned so that in case of an emergency event within 12 minutes, a rescue agent can be. The current measures serve the protection of the employees and for the benefit of our patients.”, RKiSH-press spokesman Christian Mandel explains the current transition solutions. “The aim of all the measures taken so far, the maintenance of emergency medical care for the people in our areas of supply.”

following the rescue vehicles are moved guards at temporary outdoor locations:

the district of Dithmarschen

West Beadle, container solution rescue station

Trennewurth, fire station Trennewurth, Op de Meent

South Heath primary school, Hemmingstedt, station road and the DRC, Heide, Hamburger Straße — district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde

Rendsburg, JF-center Rendsburg P. H. Eggers road and container solution rescue station

Eckernförde, vacation, horse market Eckernförde apartment, On the Aue, Spencer

Gettorf, fire station Gettorf, At the Brook

Bordesholm, apartment, lütten meat — the district of Pinneberg

Quickborn, DRC, Quickborn, field road — the district of Segeberg

Henstedt-Ulzburg, youth center, Henstedt-Rhen, Schaefer kampsweg

Bad Bramstedt, container solution rescue station

cold churches, apartment, true to Burger street — a circular stone castle

Nordoe, container solution rescue station

To all of the rescue of the RKiSH guards have been attached to signs in order to provide Corona-the help-seekers with information and to protect on-duty personnel:

is protected So that the medical staff in the best possible way in front of a possible infection and for emergencies, will remain operational:

do NOT ring at the station, if you have the suspicion, to have with the novel Corona-Virus infected.

please don’T Drive without a telephone consultation in a hospital or a doctor’s office. You can contact in case of a concrete suspicion, first of all, the 116117 to the cashier on-call doctor. The further procedure will then be discussed with you.

for General information without any specific suspicion, the citizens phone the state government under 0431 – 79700001.

do you Have any other complaints or a violation of, ringing you like – we can help you!

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