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So far, the number of infected in the North of Norway, far lower than in Southern Norway.

A number of municipalities in the north have therefore introduced their own karanteneregler for people who have travelled to the south of Dovre.

Some municipalities have introduced even stricter rules.

Now ask the regional Tom Cato Karlsen in Nordland that the municipalities in Northern-Norway agree on a common set of rules.

– It is a challenge that there are many different rule sets that apply in different regions and municipalities. It is difficult for them to relate to this. It also creates challenges for the business community, ” says Karlsen.

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the Regional Tom Cato Karlsen ask the municipalities in the north agree on joint rules.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK Delay infection

He is in close contact with his colleague in Troms and Finnmark, and has also had conversations with the leaders of the regionrådene in the Lofoten archipelago and the Salten region.

Tuesday is closer to 80 people confirmed infected in the North of Norway. The latest official figures from the FHI suggests that about 2,500 people are confirmed infected in the South of Norway.

The mean Karlsen provides opportunities to slow down the spread in the north.

In helseøyemed, it is an advantage of the wave of infected in the North of Norway comes later than in Southern Norway, ” says Karlsen.

Karlsen said, therefore, it may be prudent to look at one or another form of barrier between the North – and South-Norway in order to delay infestation in the north.

If such a barrier should be introduced and if so how it should look, it is up to the authorities to find out of, ” says the county.

– Some municipalities have introduced karanteneregler for people who come from the south, it can be a solution.

‘ll still import smittevernutstyr: – Fy-f… Now I am happy Small municipalities

If smittesituasjonen are the same in the north as in the rest of the country, believes Karlsen it will be extra challenging.

We have many small municipalities in the north with small resources. The smallest municipalities have one doctor. If it gets sick one has a problem.

He adds that the lack of smittevernutstyr do that it may be wise to delay the infection in the north as much as possible, so that the use of the equipment is concentrated in the south first and do not need to be spread throughout the country.

But the desire for a similar regulation is about to create predictability in a region with little infection.

the Municipalities control this yourself. My encouragement to them is to safeguard both smittevernhensyn and business. No one is served with disease and death and also not that business goes the doll. You need to find a middle ground.

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