announced As the Federal office for housing (FOH) on Monday on its website, remains the mortgage reference interest rate at the level of 1.5 percent. This record-low value of the sentence was in the summer of 2017.

And since then he remains there. Although the mortgage rates to fall constantly. This is not to say: The tenants of the low interest rates, are even more Stupid.

the reference rate underlying average interest rate is, meanwhile, to 1.41 percent. In the case of the last publication of the reference mortgage interest rate in June, the average was still at 1.43 percent. The value is calculated by the Swiss national Bank (SNB). The calculation is based on the interest rates of all domestic mortgage loans from Swiss banks.


The reference interest rate increased was introduced in the fall of 2008. He replaced the then in each of the cantons, the relevant interest rates for variable rate mortgages. The reference interest rate is the indicative rent sizes for the height of the apartment.

Since its introduction, the reference rate has risen never. In 2008, he was still at 3.5 per cent, and then decreased gradually. Since June 2017, the rate is 1.5 percent. A Change of the currently applicable interest rate is indicated if the average rate drops to below 1.38 percent, or 1.62 percentage increases.

carrier rate of interest

The mortgage reference interest rate, as well as the underlying average interest rate will be announced on a quarterly basis by the BWO. The next publication date is September 2. December. With a reduction in the reference interest rate is not, however, expected also to. The Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), for example, assumes that the interest rate will only make the coming summer a further step down.