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– I sit much in the phone, says besøksven Oddny Njøsen.

She is a volunteer in the Red Cross say besøksteneste. For several years, she has traveled around the heimebesøk to the people who for various reasons want more contact with other people.

But now are reminded helsemyndigheitene to reduce the physical social contact to prevent koronaviruset spreads, and nursing homes tends all over the country have introduced besøksrestriksjonar.

at the same Time it is precisely here that many of the users of the besøkstenesta held to. They are sitting much alone.

– No one can not visit physically, it is clear that there is a problem for many, ” says Norvall Nøringset, lokalforeiningsleiar in Brought the Red Cross.

Therefore must besøksvenene of the Red Cross to find other ways to keep the users with the company.

– Many of them we go to visit, is the older man. Social media is not the technique they beherskar the most. The phone is then the source that works best for them, ” says Nøringset.

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urgently needed

For even though there are busy days also for the Red Cross, is Nøringset clear that besøkstenesta is an important choice.

CONTACT: Norvall Nøringset in Brought the Red Cross encourage everyone to contact them with a know sit much alone.

Photo: Trine Svanholm Misje / NRK

All human beings need anyone to talk with occasionally. All need somebody that cares. And there is besøkstenesta very important.

He encourage everyone to be extra conscious of those that will now be sitting alone, either because they are in quarantine, in isolation or that for other reasons need a man to talk with.

Especially in these times is a little more isolated and perhaps a little more solitary. It is much more important now than in the past, that one cares to take a phone.

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– the Phone is good to have. Einslege think it is very nice to have a phone and chat for a while, ” says Oddny.

Oddny has now become telefonven, but look forward to be besøksven again as soon as koronakrisa is over.

In the meantime, it is trying I to keep in touch with those who need to keep contact with him. It is good for us all.

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