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Headman Rita Lekang, Nordland Red Cross says she is glad to see that people have taken the advice from the government and the organization seriously. She praises now the people that they listen to the advice.

the Figures suggest indeed that people have taken this seriously. I would like to commend the people that they are so good, ” she says.

on average, means the week for the Red Cross around 190 missions and in all 455 damage on the country. In the year is it registered 48 missions related to search and rescue, and 33 injuries in total.

The majority of volunteers in the Red Cross have had hjemmevakter. Then the response time is considerably longer if you have the need for help on the mountain.

emergency Preparedness and response is the same, but when the rescue crews in the Red Cross have a home office, the importance of the response time.


Although the number of injuries and assignments only constitute a fraction of the affected area, do not have the rødkledde crews have been on latsiden.

Several koronarelaterte mission has characterized the week of easter, in the absence of events in the easter vacation. Even they called it “koronapåske”.

Headman Rita Lekang of the Red Cross, Nordland says that despite fewer traditional assignments, has been on several missions related to the koronaviruset.

Photo: Lars-Bjørn Martinsen / NRK

– We have never had as many active volunteers as of this easter. It has been several koronarelaterte mission, ” she says.

Crews has among other things contributed with the transport of patients and testing of the suspected or confirmed infected with Covid-19.

Encourages the use of the hjemmenære areas

Even though the period with the most pressure on the emergency preparedness is over for this time, encourage Lekang people to still appreciate the walks in their local community.

– This is not a time to take those risky trips.

Lekang says the state of emergency we are in.

Now is the addition, health workers who are busy with other things as to limit the contagion and treat those who really are sick, ” she says.

Large increase in demand on the telephone

Although fewer have broken arms, legs, skis or ski poles on the easter holiday, is there a type of mission that has increased. Helpline “Cross neck” has had a large increase.

More young people calling in to the helpline. Some are in a particularly stressed and vulnerable situation. It is often the most vulnerable who also struggle the most in the week of easter.

It is also not just the young who have had the need for someone to talk with. Several older people have been lonely, or is anxious and afraid.

It has been a different easter. We have really had no use for the volunteers and they have done a brilliant effort, ” says Lekang.

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