The realtor commented on the possibility of rising prices for rental housing

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

Realtor and real estate expert Oleg Bendrikov in conversation with the Moscow 24 commented on the possible growth of prices for rental housing in the capital. According to experts, in the near future rise in price is not expected.

“I’m not sure that will rise in the near future, it likely will fall, because now we have the market is quite vibrant, offers a lot. I don’t think people would be willing to pay more for the same apartment,” – said Bendrikov.

If you now will rise in rental housing, it will primarily demand low cost options. In this regard, the owner of the apartment, which increased the price, lowered it back to the previous level. Appreciation maybe, but not 10%, but only 5. Still, 10 is a lot.
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According to experts, is primarily due to the fact that the owner wants to offset the expense of tenants costs with regards to the reduction of certain income, such as wages. “I don’t think it is associated with HCS. Not so much increasing their value, so to raise the rent”, – concluded the interlocutor of Moscow 24.

Earlier it was reported that rent apartments in Moscow will rise in price. Experts said the price increases closer to the summer low 5-10 percent. And the most attractive options in new homes close to the metro can grow in value and 20 per cent.

Now odnushku in the capital can be removed in about 30 thousand a month. Experts attribute the rise in General price increase and increase in utility tariffs.

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