Mærkevarertasker, pants, phones, jackets, a computer, a Playstation, Kaj Bojesen figures.

All of the above are examples of goods, of which a total of 73 persons in good faith paid Tessie Skovly for. But they received them never, and now is the latter convicted of fraud.

evidenced by the ten pages long dombog, as B. T. has been received. Herein sounds the that Tessie Skovly, which is known from the channel 4 programme ‘Ex on the beach’, has deceived people for a total of 164.425 crowns.

the Fraud was going on in the period between February 2017 and July 2019, and it worked out so that the reality-participant got unsuspecting people to transfer money to different accounts, but the buyers never got what they had paid for.

the Case has previously been described in the media, among others, with B. T. Here you have it from Tessie Skovlys side sounded, that she was aware of the upcoming trial, but that there was ‘word against word’.

nevertheless, it appears from the dombog that case, in which there fell the judgment 27. February, is treated as a tilståelsessag.

It sounds, moreover, that the titlalte, Tessie Skovly, have recognized this obligation and the claim for damages, as the many injured have raised.

‘For known to right: Defendants shall within 14 days pay the following sums, all with the addition of procentsrente from 27. February 2020,’ says in dombogen.

Then shows the list of all of the in total 73 persons, as Tessie Skovly now must pay compensation to the. The amount of between 283 and 9500 dollars.

in Addition to the countless fraud cases was Tessie Skovly also accused of having violated the penal code section 174 to have availed themselves of another person’s driver’s license as identification in connection with several of the above-mentioned trades.

B. T. have tried to get a comment from Tessie Skovly, but she has not wanted to comment.