The support rating of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has fallen to 27%, according to a survey conducted on may 23, the national newspaper Mainichi Shimbun in conjunction with the Japanese Center for the study of social surveys.

According to the newspaper, the approval rating of the government of Japan from the beginning of April fell by almost half and less than three weeks has fallen from 40% to 27%. The disapproval rating in the same time risen from 45% to 64%, reports TASS.

The publication stresses that the level of criticism against the head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe has risen to the highest since July of 2017 level when the Prime Minister and his entourage were involved in several major scandals. Then the level of government support collapses to 26%. This edition recognizes that “methods of conducting surveys have changed over the years, so direct opposition to [the previous survey] may not be quite correct.”

Data on the number of respondents by publication is not given.

Recall, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan in its annual report “the Blue book of diplomacy” claimed Tokyo to qualify for the “Northern territories” as they’re called here southern Islands of the Kuril archipelago. The Russian foreign Ministry stated that “the forced return of colleagues from the Japanese foreign Ministry to reality”.