in the ranking of the regions the researchers took into account indicators of the level of consumer activity, housing affordability, percentage paid on time loans, employment, and availability of sports and cultural and even climatic conditions.

After the evaluation of each parameter, and the adjustment of the obtained data on the number living in the region, the people who received such a picture.

the Most prosperous Russians, it turns out, live in St. Petersburg. City scored the maximum 7 points. Followed with a noticeable gap is Moscow (6,1 points), Belgorod oblast (5.64 points), the suburbs (5.61 points) and Voronezh region (5,31).

the rating of Kalmykia (-0,64 points), the Jewish Autonomous oblast (-1,10 points), Altai Republic (-1,12 points), Karachay-Cherkessia (-1,15 points) and Tyva (-1,79 points).