The rating of Moscow districts, favorable for the isolation

the Company analyzed, where residents are most comfortable and safely carry out the isolation to the case of General quarantine. Analysts proceeded from the fact that more favourable conditions – where there is less density in night and day population, people on the street can less contact with each other (concentration of the population in different times of day was evaluated by the signals from smartphones). In addition, they considered the security of residents with grocery stores, pharmacies and clinics, their accessibility to housing estates. For the rankings of the areas were selected within the old borders of Moscow and part of the high-density areas close to New Moscow (a total of 130 districts).

Elderly Muscovites will help with the heating of summer houses with coal and wood

named the Most favorable, mainly the capital districts, located outside Moscow – Kosino-Ukhtomskoe, Shcherbinka, Yuzhnoye Butovo, Sosensky, Vnukovo, SAVELKI, Vnukovo, districts of Zelenograd. In Moscow the highest scores received the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki and Perovo. The leaders, as explained by the drafters of the rating, was the post-Soviet residential areas with well-developed and established infrastructure, where virtually no offices, low concentration of daytime population and little movements throughout the day.

the Outsiders were Troparevo-Nikulino, Obruchevsky, Chertanovo Central and Northern, Krylatskoe, Ramenki, Airport, Khoroshevskoe, Dorogomilovo. This high-density areas where underdeveloped infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of houses and high fluorescent activity of the population.

According to the authors, these data will help the public to assess and to build the geography and the regularity of their movements for a period of self-isolation. It is noted that the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of infection COVID-2019 is still self-isolation outside the city in the country.