The rapid test will allow accuracy of up to 94 percent to determine COVID-19

according to the Ministry of industry and trade, is the first domestic Express test, which allows an accuracy of more than 94% to determine the presence of coronavirus infection in the human body. Preliminary preparation and the study takes about 40 minutes.

Photo: Pavel Kononov/RIA Novosti CPS announced the start of the test at home

the Study is carried out using loop isothermally amplification, which increases the probability of detecting viral infections in patients. due to the high sensitivity. According to the head of the Department of clinical biochemistry and laboratory diagnostics, military medical Academy im. S. M. Kirova, chief technician of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation Andrey Ivanov, in a test of “Isotherms SARS-CoV-2 RNA-screen”, in contrast to systems based on the principle of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) reverse transcription, the method used isothermally loop amplification, which has been successfully used now in many countries of the world. “Thanks to the simplified procedure of sample preparation and reduce the number of stages of analysis, the time to detect the pathogen is less than an hour,” – said the scientist. This will increase the number of studies performed more than 3 times.