Nothing is random, when queen Margrethe of denmark speaks to the nation, believe a kongehusekspert, who has a bid on, why just a family photo and a small white sculpture stood and dressed Tuesday night.

Here the Queen extraordinary on tv and delivered a historic speech to his people in connection with the serious corona-situation.

“In its nytårstaler and on other occasions mention she is always family, but yesterday was a special and serious occasion, when she had not talked about them. But then they were figuratively present anyway,” says kongehusekspert Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen on the photo of the crown prince and crown princess, as tronede on a console table behind the governor.

“the Royal family is a familiedynasti – a familiebutik. Family means a lot to many people, but particularly for the royal family, where precisely is the genus, which makes that they are royal.”

More on social media noted that the prince Joachim and princess Marie had not been allowed to be with in the image – which evoke memories of queen Elizabeth’s new year speech, where almost the entire british royal family was represented, with the exception of the controversial prince Andrew and Harry and Meghan, as a short time later, stepped out of the royal family.

Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen do not believe, however, in fact, that the departure of prince Joachim and princess Marie on Tuesday night should be seen as that they are also going away.

“There are limits to how much one has to interpret it. Crown prince and crown princess is naturally the key, and if you took more then one could suddenly talk about who can’t be with,” says Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen, who also points out that it can simply be a matter of taste and whether or not to make the tv image of the stuffed.

there should be space for the quite special white sculpture of two hands holding a heart.

“It was prominently placed, and it was evident that it was not that random. It was not just any junk, she had set up,” says Sebastian Jørgensen on the sculpture, which is created by prince Henry.

“It fit in the size. He made usually its sculptures in small format, and then they were enlarged for use in the public. But this sculpture is more than likely one he himself has worked with.”

B. T. has asked the royal family to the white sculpture, but it has not wanted to comment on its history or the reason that just the kind of stood in the background.

But if you are gone for a walk at Harboes bryggeri in Skælskør, you will probably recognize the two hands that hold a heart.

Here is a 3.5 metre high bronzeskulpur created by just prince Henrik and the profession of the brewery, whose director, Bernd Griese, was a close friend of the deceased prince.

the Liberal News told Bernd Griese in 2018, that the idea for the piece, which depicts two industrious hands and heart in the right place’, occurred in his holiday home in Spain, where prince Henry was on a visit in 14 days.

“This sculpture is the last piece of art, prince Henrik managed to create, before that he should go away, way too early,” said Bernd Griese to the media.

That queen Margrethe has used his spasomme space to pay tribute to her late husband, find Sebastian Olden-Jørgenen typical for her.

“She has always been generous and careful to give prince Henry the space. It may well be, he ended up to be an old sour man, who seemed not, he got the space he should have. But the Queen has in any case all the days done everything she could to give him space. And that she continues with today. And it is really very beautiful.”

the Queen’s silent photograph of the crown prince and crown princess is the first you’ve seen for the pair, since they for a small week ago announced that the due corona-the situation takes home from Switzerland, where they would have lived in 12 weeks, while the children went on to boarding school.

But Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen finds it natural that the royal couple did not even have marked, but have allowed the Queen to speak to the danes.

“now If the crown prince had committed themselves a lot in public health in advance – not only good exercise and mobbede children, but something that was close to the corona – so it was decreased naturally to be public. But they do not.”