About a very short time to fill our regent 80 years, and it can probably be the last round birthday, she keeps.

It gives queen Margrethe said in an exclusive interview with Everything for the ladies, where she has been asked, what kind of thinking she does on the next 10 years.

“I don’t think there are ten years ahead of me. I don’t believe it. But it will turn out. I do not feel that the time is coming to an end, but with a certain degree of realism must surely say that there are ten years ahead of me.”

In the interview, as All of the ladies that was before corona-the crisis broke out, she tells, however, that age is not something to press.

With a smile, she refers to that while others might think that the people on the 80 is old, it is not a feeling, she even sits with.

instead, she thinks more over, that she before long has been over 50 years in 30 years – a long time ago is it not, that she rounded a half century, she believes. Nevertheless, there are therefore 16. april passed three decades ago, the Queen celebrated her 50th birthday.

the Celebration will not, however, much of this time, for all the gala dinners, karetture and other festivities are cancelled in the wake of the current corona outbreak.

“We all have a special responsibility to take account of each other and together contribute to the uk comes through the very big challenges that the country faces,” said king in a press release 12. march in connection with the cancellation.

Precisely what responsibility will the Queen take, and therefore it will not be possible to poke my nose past The Yellow Palace in Amaliengade and write a greeting to the governor, as otherwise it wont be possible.

instead, you can send queen Margrethe a personal greeting and congratulation on the royal family’s website.

if you Plan to send the queen a bouquet of flowers in connection with her birthday, you also have to let be.

“In the year calls on the Queen to, instead, send a bouquet to one of the many senior citizens who have it particularly hard in this time,” reads a press release from the royal family.