Queen Margrethe 2. cancels their annual stay at Marselisborg Castle in Aarhus during the easter. The queen will thus continue to have the residence at Fredensborg Slot.

It informs the royal family on its website.

– Her Majesty the Queen has decided to cancel its traditional stay at Marselisborg Castle in easter. The decision is taken in light of the spread of corona virus, writes the royal family.

The many measures against the infection of coronavirus has had a great influence on the royal family’s work.

the royal couple have returned home from Switzerland and the many events for the celebration of queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday the 16. april has been cancelled.

on Tuesday evening spoke queen Margrethe to the Danish population from just his residence at Fredensborg Slot.

She called to see reality in the eyes, for coronavirusset is a dangerous guest.

– It spreads like rings in the water, and it goes strong. One person can infect many – even without even feel sick, and the infection goes further around even more, a long and scary chain. In the chain, will the people die.

– A child may lose his grandmother, a daughter her father, a wife her husband. Friends will suddenly not be there any more.

– It is the chain we must break, and that we can break. It can only happen when we all think about and do the same thing at the same time and in the right time.

It is not happened in the past, that the queen on the way have talked to the people.

Finally, something similar happened, was when her grandfather, king Christian X, spoke on the radio on the befrielsesdagen the 5. may 1945.