The Qualcomm audio chip will give cheap wireless headphones the premium features

Qualcomm has announced a new single-chip system with Bluetooth designed for wireless headphones and headsets. The audio chip of the next generation to bring in cheap models premium features such as active noise control (ANC) and the support of the voice assistant from Apple AirPods Pro.

Audio SoC will be available in two versions: QCC514X (for expensive headphones high-level) and QCC304X (elementary/secondary). Both support the TrueWireless technology Mirroring this system allows you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth only one earphone, which will duplicate the sound on the second. If the user pulls out the ear one of the headphones, the other can quickly “catch” the connection itself.

Also, the audio processors Qualcomm implemented a hybrid “noise reduction” (Hybrid ANC), which is designed for long battery life. As Engadget writes, with the inclusion of ANC headphones can work up to 13 hours of battery life with a capacity of 65 mAh.

the Main difference between the two types of SoC – system voice processing. Expensive option QCC514X – supports Always on Voice, which is in continuous standby voice commands. In simpler QCC304X to “awaken” assistant, you will need to press the button.

Qualcomm will start shipping the new audio chip in April. As expected, the first headphones on the basis of QCC514X/QCC514X will appear in the II quarter of the year.

Text: To.Hi-tech