The Pushkin Museum has offered a

the project’s website contains the works of artists, history, stories, art dealers and curators, or otherwise associated with the experience of a lonely inspiration or hard loneliness. Some were even more bitter. Like for example Courbet, who in old age was forced after the defeat of the Paris Commune to flee France and live in a small village in the Alps. Without customers and collectors, without friends, without the usual circle of friends. Here Courbet began to experiment with painting techniques with glazes, painting mountain landscapes and achieving subtle (and accurate!) scenic effects. Anna’s story Poznań on canvas “Cabin in the mountains” (1874), written Courbet as times during this period, one of the most exciting in the section “Time: the category of contemplation”. And next – the story of Anna Gor, who heads the branch of NCCA-the Pushkin Museum in Nizhny Novgorod, about the impression made on her as a child first seen the painting Bernardo Strozzi “Allegory of transience (Old coquette)” (1637) and an Egyptian mummy, and history paintings of Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo’s “Flight into Egypt” (1675), narrated by Svetlana Zagorskaya.

Photo: Alexander Natruskin/ RIA Novosti “Leninka” invites you to a free online tour

But not only works from the collection of the Pushkin Museum Pushkin come to life in the memories and stories of art historians and curators. The flash mob (admittedly, carefully planned) joined, for example, the Director of the Athens Benaki Museum Polina Komodiki, curator of the Museum of art history in Vienna, Jasper sharp. The website listed a meeting time with them, the duration of the online session, the access time of the broadcast – exactly the day.

But the category of “MediaCenter” made for those who want to learn the secrets of time management first hand. “Night of the daynick” Jan Fabre can be seen on April 14. “Crown-diary of Christa and Laurent” (2020) from professors of media art of Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonne open during the day on April 20. To look into the workshop of Irina Nakhova can April 18. And with instruction Seeds of the Alexander how to become an artist, well worth a meet on April 19. And don’t forget to put a bookmark on April 16, when the star of a new generation of Chinese artists Shi Jing will demonstrate the experience of everyday life Brian Eno under the slogan “It’s time to read books.” By the way, the slogan is relevant not only during the COVID-19.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG In Russian museums discussed the ways to survive in a pandemic

Finally, in the “Digital exchange” twice a week for 24 hours opens a window for online viewing of the works of major contemporary authors Gary hill, Laurent Grasso, clément Cogitore, Taus Makhacheva, group “PROVMYZA”, Julian Rosefeldt and other right at home. The first work – single-channel video installation “Black sun” (2014) Laurent Grasso, will appear this Saturday on April 11.

All materials will be published and be made publicly available on the website: Updates on the page of the Museum #Mediaspaces and social networks.