a Rally in support of Yulia Tsvetkova – artist, Director and FEM-activists, which is accused of distributing pornography over a schematic image of a naked female body, swept over the weekend in the online and offline space. In support of the 26-year-old girl faces up to 6 years of imprisonment, was made by hundreds of people – among them many journalists, poets, artists etc. However, those who made offline, had to suffer for his position: about 40 activists were detained by police and taken to the offices of the police Department.

Poetry marathon in support of Yulia Tsvetkova has passed on the youtube channel of the Centre of Voznesensky from 12 am to 22 PM. on the same Saturday afternoon a few dozen people made pickets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. In St. Petersburg was detained a public defender Volodymyr Vasylenko, who was standing with a poster: “Freedom to Yulia Tsvetkova”. The action took place in Moscow at the monument Krupskaya on Sretenka. Before it began, scheduled for 16 hours, was on duty police officers. On the side was parked a paddy wagon. Defenders Tsvetkova only managed to get the posters, as they are immediately picked up by the police. The result were three paddy wagons activists detained nearly 40 people. They were taken to different offices (OVD “Tver”, ATS “Luzhniki” and OVD “Krasnoselsky”) , and after some time released.

Among those who spoke in support of Yulia Tsvetkova, were mostly girls. One of the organizers Daria Serenko, which was also delivered in one of police stations, wrote on Facebook: “…when we made out yesterday, the police officer said something like: “for 20 years and I see this first time. Only the girls brought. And so much. The first time it’s happened. Probably, it is feminism, emancipation”.

Recall that Yulia Tsvetkova from Komsomolsk-on-Amur is facing up to 6 years of imprisonment for the drawings published in the public “the vagina Monologues” where she speaks openly about the issues of women’s physicality. “The real woman is fat – and that’s fine,” “I live women have wrinkles – and that’s fine,” “I live women have gray hair – and that’s fine,” – reads the caption to the schematic representation of the female naked body. Many participants in online poetry marathon talked about the fact that if it is pornography, then “David” and thousands of other works of art can be recorded in a list of pornographic. On the contrary, activists believe, pictures of Yulia antipornography’s only “inflamed consciousness they can bring”.

currently, all the arrested activists released. They were charged with violation of social distance and other “conditional” preten��AI. Defenders of Yulia I hope that the campaign, which received wide public reasons will not pass in vain. Because the pictures is not the murder that you, too, can get 6 years of imprisonment in Russia.

Julia faces up to 6 years the real life of the colony, and I believe that the support she now needs, said one of the participants of the poetic marathon “For Julia”, member of the infamous group “Pussy Riot” Maria Alekhine. – Artist does not have to posit morality. His job is to ask uncomfortable questions. And thus it differs from the politician or party who have the program, and the appropriate way to play it. All are equal before law. Imagine such laws, where on a par with the crimes against the individual and society would be a crime against morality. What is it? It would be just legalized the middle Ages. We, unfortunately, live in a country that is moving in this direction, but I hope that we as a community should at least try to stick together. I do not think the pictures of Yulia pornography. Or if you like, I consider them pornography in equal measure that the world of art that we can see in museums. One of the tasks of the artist is thinking and rethinking taboo, in this sense, Yulia Tsvetkova has a wonderful poster: What is normal? You are normal? The norm is changing. With the help of artists are changing the cultural paradigm and the concept of “normal”. 60 years ago the US was the norm everyday racism, when black people were forbidden to go to the restaurants or they were allocated special seats in buses, but now obvious to everyone that it is racism.