In a healthy diet, NDR-food Doc Dr. Matthias Riedl is a species-appropriate diet that provides us with all the necessary nutrients and long saturates. An important component of such a diet is protein. In his book “Eat yourself healthy with Dr. Riedl” – number 18 in the IMAGE-bestseller-list – explains the nutritional experts, such as the percentage of protein in the diet is set, and in this way Obesity can be reduced.

after the 20:80 principle

Decrease – in the minds of many this is a great act that requires a lot of time, strength, and discipline. Accordingly, we would press us to be in front of it and just continue on as always. However, in some cases, the Obesity is hazardous to health, it heart attack, fatty liver, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, or inflammation of the bowel such as ulcerative colitis threatening. Then something needs to happen, and Riedl’s point of view, no effort is necessary, in order to switch the diet.

“In my centre, the many colleagues is now regarded in Europe as a model, before we go to the 20:80 principle,” explains nutritional expert. “This means, among other things, to reach with just a few changes (20 percent), much (80-100 percent), and most of the habits (80 percent) to maintain.”

Of his patients to listen to the expert again and again three statements: 1. “I haven’t changed much, weird, and have taken away 5 kgs in a month!”, 2. “It tastes even better than before!”, and 3. “I’m much better now and I feel fitter!” The secret behind it is the species-appropriate diet.

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Animal nutrition

Including Riedl is a diet that corresponds to our ancestors, who were hunters and gatherers. On the table, grains, nuts, vegetables, and goods (sugar low), fruit, mushrooms, herbs, spices, fish, moderate meat, no sausage came.

Dr. Matthias Riedl: “In such a diet you must not expect much, or weighing, and no calorie counting. So much you can’t eat species-appropriate food because of the protein and the stomach stretching already long since tired of.“

the Daily protein consumption of the right dose

protein is the most important macro-nutrient is in the context of species-appropriate nutrition. Because the muscles since ancient times, survival is a search for escape, defence, and food, the body, everything, to always be sufficient protein is supplied. Therefore, our body is constantly eat protein intake: Only when enough Protein has arrived in the stomach, it reports “saturation” and we can stop to eat.

The protein needs are based on the normal weight (body size squared, multiplied by a factor of 5) and it is same for men and women. As the ideal intake is 0.8–1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of apply normal weight and per day. Thus, for example, would for a 70-kilogram man, protein is a daily amount of 80 grams, distributed over three meals.

▶︎ A tip of the expert: “don’t put the entire protein needs, one day at a time on the plate! That only leaves the fat instead of the muscles thick. Distribute the amount of Protein to all meals about the same.“ Because: At a high dose (about 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per meal) overwhelm the metabolism. The body valuable protein and stores it as inferior fat.