The prospects of victory,

the Leader of the campaign opponents of Donald trump in the near future could become a Senator Bernard Sanders, who plays for tighter controls on large corporations and increased spending in the social sphere.

In the U.S. officially begins the preliminary stage of the presidential elections, voting in some States will determine the leading candidates from the Democratic party.

Before the start of the election campaign, the main candidate of the Democrats was considered a former Vice President of USA Joe Biden. However after the scandal surrounding Ukraine, which gave reason to suspect the Biden clan of corruption in Ukraine, and U.S. President Donald trump’s abuse of power, of superiority in the polls was captured by the Senator from Vermont, Bernard “Bernie” Sanders.

According to the most recent opinion polls, which leads portal RealClearPolitics, Sanders is ahead of Biden and the other candidates before the internal party election process among Democrats in Iowa, new Hamshire and other States.

In an attempt to predict the course of events trump at the end of January began in a veiled form “support” to Sanders, stating in his message on social media that billionaire Michael Bloomberg “is wasting their money on political advertising, but trying to manipulate the election against the mad Bernie”. According to trump, “they want to do it again with Bernie in 2016”.

In an interview with Fox Business in early February, trump made a shot against the Sanders, calling him a “Communist.” He also asked the rhetorical question, “and married Lee Sanders in Moscow?” Sanders and his wife more than 30 years ago, in 1988, really came to the USSR, but visited Moscow, Yaroslavl and Leningrad (St. Petersburg) as a married couple.

Who do now is Bernie Sanders a “Communist”, “socialist”, or opportunist, playing na growing popularity in the U.S. the so-called “democratic socialism”? Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and a number of other candidates from the Democratic party of the United States do speak with a number of ideas of the left. That is why American corporations with concern the current election campaign.

Until recently, Sanders remained a “dark horse” in terms of the possible nomination of the Democratic party in the presidential election in November 2020.

the Main stock strategist at Royal Bank of Canada Lori Calvasina in comments to CNBC noted that “the market is clearly set for re-election trump”, however, most investors expected that rival the trump of the Democrats will be Joe Biden, not Sanders.

Earlier, Sanders had already put forward proposals to dramatically increase taxes for wealthy Americans, proposed to break up large financial firms into smaller structures. He has also proposed limiting the size of the stock repurchase by companies with granting social guarantees to employees.

One of the most visible initiatives of Sanders and other “left” candidates-Democrats is “free health care for all”, the costs of which politician offers to increase including at the expense of increasing taxes on corporations.

Chief stock strategist at RBC in review CNBC also noted that the shares of the pharmaceutical sector of the US stock market in recent times was in a sense an indicator of fears of a major American business due to the prospects of the nomination of Sanders – quotes pharmaceutical companies included in the S&P 500 index, was among the outsiders in the last week of January 2020 – and this trend was observed despite the news about the spread of the coronavirus, such news would have on the contrary to support the stock of the pharmaceutical company.

Leadership at the beginning of the preliminary elections, which PRoudot in the United States in February and March, does not guarantee the nomination of a particular candidate from the Democrats the balance of power can change. But the victory at the initial stage may also be assessed as a signal of political preferences of Americans.

In this regard, a cause for concern about the future is like the Sanders and big business USA.

trump’s Reminder that, “they want to do it again with Bernie in 2016” is a reference to the scandal in the Democratic party, which became one of the reasons for the subsequent accusations of Russia in “intervention in election” and the application of sanctions. In the preliminary election, leaked internal e-mails in the amount of nearly 20 thousand letters to members of the National Committee of the US Democratic party (DNC). Reports have revealed that the leadership of Democrats prefer Hillary Clinton, not wanting to push Sanders as a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

the democratic Candidate was elected, Clinton, and Sanders conceded defeat in the party elections. A curious episode, however, puts under question the commitment of the Sanders to any “Communist” or “socialist” ideals, was the purchase of his new property. After little more than weeks since the nomination of Clinton as the democratic candidate in the presidential elections of 2017, Bernie Sanders has purchased a “modest summer house” worth $575 thousand, while for spouses of Sanders this was the third property in their possession.

For us corporations the potential nomination of Sanders is Biden vs. trump can have negative consequences.

In September 2019 the head of about 180 major US companies signed the updated statement on the main corporate purposes and declared that the rejection of profit maximization as the primary goal and chief functiontonirovania companies (pdf).

prior To this in an interview with Bloomberg Lawrence Fink, head of BlackRock, the largest investment company in the world, stated that “if the leaders of private companies will not be able to make changes to the business model, I suppose, that one day in the United States will have a government that will force us to make these changes”.

Potential scenario of the confrontation between trump and Sanders in the fall of 2020 will mean a choice between supporting big business and by redistributing income in favour of poorer households.

Signed earlier statement about the “new order of the Corporation” and improving “social responsibility”, the representatives of wall Street likely will not be ready to reaffirm the commitment to such changes, not in words but in deeds, guided by the suggestions Bernie Sanders.