The Prosecutor General's office found in social networks and messengers of the new

the General Prosecutor’s office revealed in social networks and messengers of the new “coronavirus” fakes. As reported by columnist “RG” in the press service of the Supervisory authority, we are talking about placing false messages under the form of this information that pose a threat to mass violations of public order and public safety.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti the Ministry of health has expedited the registration of test-systems for diagnostics COVID-19

So, in “Twitter” on the page of one of the users, prosecutors revealed a message with a picture of the alleged order of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation “About introduction in the city of Moscow the curfew”. At the same time, according to official data of Rospotrebnadzor, currently no decisions of state authorities regarding the imposition of curfews has not been discussed. As for the “order of the Minister of defense,” he first appeared on the web 18 Mar. On the same day, the defense Ministry said that the common social networks the image of the alleged “order” of the Ministry of defense of Russia on “curfew” in the city of Moscow – roughly cobbled together fake, placed by the representatives of one of the neighboring countries.

As emphasized in the defense Ministry, the documents of the military Department nor the content nor the design has not been and cannot be in principle.

Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti In Moscow because of the coronavirus closed large urban procuracy treating with a coronavirus in the suburbs, will receive extra

Thus, as noted in the Prosecutor’s office on Twitter, was posted knowingly false public information. Also in the course of monitoring by the Prosecutor General of the social networks revealed some other fakes.

So, in the Russian social network “Vkontakte” on the page of the community “Lentech” one user argued the statement about “the destruction of mankind by a virus COVID-19”. Such false information in the guise of credible, according to prosecutors, creates preconditions for mass violations of public order and security.

the Same character as have informed in supervising Department, and had a message on Twitter page, “Today we must be patient” about the “many victims of the coronavirus in Russia” with comments alleged experts to support this fact, which does not correspond to the official data of Rospotrebnadzor.

prosecutors In Facebook, has revealed the publication of one of the users who were spreading information about “the numerous cases of infection with coronavirus infection in the Crimea.”

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti Putin: I Hope that we will win the coronavirus earlier than three months

After identifying these and other fakes of the General Prosecutor’s office sent to Roskomnadzor requirement to take measures to limit access to this information including in the case of transfer of similar materials on other Internet resources.

In turn, Roskomnadzor after receiving the requirements of the state office of public Prosecutor has already directed administrators Twitter notification about deleting of illegal information. In addition, after receiving the same notification of Roskomnadzor, Facebook has removed false public relevant information concerning the number of cases of coronavirus.