The Prosecutor General’s office rejected eight of the nine versions of the death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the Supervisory authority in Ural Federal district Andrei Churakova.

According to him, in the first 75 versions, then they were divided into nine groups: a nuclear explosion; seismic events; missile tests; avalanche. Also discussed options with UFOs, the hurricane and the human factor. All versions were tested. Each gave their assessment.

So, flying objects, experts have called an illusion, a rocket launch from Kapustin Yar could not affect the tragedy, the version of a nuclear explosion is also not confirmed traces of radiation on books, tourists not found.

The version of the hurricane, the Prosecutor’s office was considered very seriously, as the Dyatlov pass there are strong winds up to 50-70 meters per second, blowing off people and deer. However, climate scientists have refuted these data, along with high seismic activity.

Were also excluded the version that the Soviet authorities allegedly wanted to hide some other information and the version that one of the tourists was posing as another person.

In the end, remained the only version of avalanche.

“From the point of view of the public authority, the test is finished, the conclusions she came to those conclusions taken… Technically this is the final. The issue is closed,” said Koryakov, reports TASS.

Dyatlov pass is the name of the place of death of a tourist group in the area of mount Otorten in the Northern Urals in February 1959. Under mysterious deaths of nine skiers tourist club Ural Polytechnic Institute: five students, three engineers and an instructor of the camp site. The head of the group was Igor Dyatlov.

Most tourists cold, but some had discovered serious injuries that caused the death.

In our days, the Prosecutor General’s office announced the audit, to ascertain the causes of the tragedy of the Dyatlov pass. The Agency took up the case after 60 years as a result of complaints from relatives of the victims. On-site emergency conducted several examinations with the involvement of surveyors, metrologists, and rescuers.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that prosecutors called the official cause of death group djatlova.