The Prosecutor General of Ukraine dismissed

Although the resolution of no confidence in the attorney General were filed by 158 deputies, mostly from the party of “servant of the people”, the real initiator of the departure of Ryaboshapka called the Vladimir Zelensky, dissatisfied with the lack tangible results of his work. In particular, for the investigation of crimes of Petro Poroshenko – Ryaboshapka openly ignored the accusations against him, and the more critics reproached Zelensky addressed to the predecessor with the words “I am your judgment” and “spring will come – we will sit.” In addition, Ryaboshapka directly covered accused of killing neo-Nazis, including the killers of the writer Oles Elder, which also caused scandals, beating directly on the President. Not all right Ryaboshapka was with the Declaration of the property that gave rise to the thesis of his corruption.

Photo: EPA the Parliament sent the government of Ukraine to resign

But he liked the U.S. Embassy, under whose leadership carried out the reform of the prosecution, which was reduced to assessing and reducing public prosecutors as well as the renaming of the General Prosecutor Office General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU). Moreover, the charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine was present at the press conference of Ryaboshapka marking the end of the reform, which, again, forced to talk about the absence of the state of Ukraine’s political subjectivity and independence. So when they started talking about the inevitable changing of the Cabinet of Ministers on the amount of transgressions was asked to resign and the public Prosecutor.

For Ryaboshapka here fought foreign “friends of Ukraine”. On the eve of retirement he held a meeting with ambassadors of G7, which noted his “excellent work” and “great success”. The campaign for the whitening of the image of Ryaboshapka was in the media, owned by oligarch Pinchuk or associated with structures of George Soros. Oneto Zelensky showed a rare resilience. “My personal opinion: let MPs vote the way they want. My personal opinion is simple: no result – should not take place,” said Zelensky before the vote of no confidence in Ryaboshapko.

Speaking from the rostrum of the report Ryaboshapka was visibly nervous and even knocked over a glass of water. Knowing that most of his care in the Parliament is, he demonstratively left the Parliament, not left on the session of questions and answers, than has even more angered the deputies, who have not found him kind words. Other in their speeches, even directly called him “empty space”.

Ukrainian writer: the Country is “mentally dependent” from Russia

In the end, distrust of the attorney General expressed by 263 deputies, with 226 required votes. From that moment we begin consultation on a new General Prosecutor. Zelensky have called the two candidates for the vacant position. The acting head of the State Bureau of investigation Iryna Venediktova, whose tenure is perceived by society positively, and it is even called the only Ukrainian militiaman working on the conscience. Middle name is Sergei Ionushas. A lawyer Studio “95 quarter”, a specialist in copyright and corporate law, a native of St. Petersburg. While it has nothing more to say, except that if following a telephone conversation with U.S. President Zelensky can already confidently say that it is “of one hundred percent man.”