In Barcelona, Even in a time when the corona virus full woekert and football teams, in all likelihood, the wallet is relatively closed, it will keep it seems to be a key player in the transfersoap of the summer that Neymar Junior-to-be. Mundo Deportivo , the newspaper of the home of FC Barcelona, will be released today, with new revelations in the plot that, in the meantime, many of the episodes are counted.

The blade starts to tell his story, with a sketch of the situation of this past summer. The Brazilian balvirtuoos, 28, meanwhile, was close to a return to the team in the summer of 2017 and up to 220 million euros, he left for Paris Saint-Germain, but also the arch-nemesis Real Madrid, which have good relations with PSG wanted him, but happy to be home. Neymar was doubtful. Most of all, he was back to his old love, but he wanted to go the way of Paris, france.

If you can’t come back, then we’ll be back again next year. This much is for sure.

The alleged promise of the champions league semi-final-top to Neymar and his entourage,

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According to the Mundo Deportivo – switched from champions league semi-final and then in a higher gear. A delegation from the Blaugrana, with the CEO Grascar Grau, board member Javier Bordas, and the technical director of the Aric Abidal, and went to Paris, in order to make a transition to talk about, but the white smoke didn’t come. Instead, according to the Spanish magazine, however, is a clear commitment to Neymar out of the golden cage in Paris, france. “If you can’t come back, then we’ll be back again next year. As much as it is a bit of, it would be on Neymar and his entourage is entrusted to it. In this way, they wanted to be in Catalonia, and the danger is shifting, the former favourite with the public, the touch-sensitive switch to the Bernabeu. And Mundo Deportivo , they are strong, and that is that danger is (for now?) is to be delivered.