The project

the implementation of the project “Vostok oil” will accelerate the growth of Russia’s GDP by 2 percent annually, said the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a working meeting.

the Project is estimated at 10 trillion roubles of investments, “at the first stage we have already planned about two trillion” — said Sechin. The role of investors expect Indian and foreign investors – “we assume that this can be a big, big international project,” said Sechin.

we are Talking about new oil and gas province in the North of the country — on the Taimyr Peninsula. It is based on two major fields: Piasco and West Irbinskoe.

Investment and cooperation of the contractors, various manufacturers, from steelmakers to energy drinks — will lead to synergies.

it is Planned to build 15 commercial townships, two airfields, a port, 800 kilometers of pipelines. In addition, preparing laying seven thousand kilometres of infield pipelines, 3.5 thousand kilometers of power grids. The plant will be built for two thousand megawatts. In General, it is planned to create 100 thousand new jobs.

“overall, the project implementation will allow to increase annual GDP by 2 percent annually,” — said Sechin.