While all mugs and sections will be held outdoors. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova.

“For the security of citizens during the epidemic, we have suspended the offline activities of the project “Moscow longevity.” We are pleased to announce that from today, by decree of the mayor of Moscow residents can once again participate in the work groups and sections in the open air, – said Anastasia Rakova. In all the districts of the capital, there are about 300 sites, which will be conducted free classes. All participants were looking forward to the resumption of face-to-face events and more than 5 thousand people joined the group.”

After a long break Muscovites older can attend classes in various areas of the project. Among the most popular: Nordic walking, gymnastics, dance, qigong and Zumba, yoga, drawing, singing, foreign languages, table-tennis, chess and much more. After a long isolation, priority is given to activities contributing to the restoration of the physical shape and increase vitality.

“to minimize the negative effects of isolation and faster return to normal life, doctors, gerontologists recommended to exercise in the fresh air, to communicate more with their peers, – said Deputy head of the Department of labor and social protection of population of Moscow Vladimir Filippov. Do not forget about security measures: we recommend that in the classroom, “Moscow longevity to” keep social distance and regularly wash your hands.”

All 211 suppliers of the project “Moscow longevity” was opened for the participants of the 759 groups, in which more than 26 thousand seats for those who wish to resume active sessions in the project.

Recall from March 16 to July 31, while occupations in the project was temporarily suspended in connection with the epidemiological situation, the pensioners continued to work with their teachers remotely. Online classes for seniors conducted 322 supplier, opened 1 272 online groups that engaged more than 25,000 people.

Enroll in a group project “Moscow longevity” in district centers of social service of the population, as well as in nearby centers “My Documents”.