After the Election victory of the green parties of the imagination has no limits. “Each building will produce energy. For the construction, energy and power, laws would have to be changed. And each owner should be given the right to sell the electricity profitably in the neighborhood, without that he is discriminated against today, due to excessive network charges.” This is the Bernese national councillor, an entrepreneur and electrical engineer Jürg calls for Large. “Such laws are outdated and unacceptable.”

The President of the green liberal, describes in an interview with the “Handelszeitung” his visions of a half an hour without point and comma, while he goes to a Commission meeting: There is a need for a real climate reversal (“more power efficiency, intelligent control of consumption”), sustainable mobility (“better bike paths, more home office, more electric vehicles, a steering levy on fossil fuels”) and incentive systems for the circular economy.

Switzerland should adopt, within twenty years, of fuel oil, Diesel and petrol. The government should set incentives so that households and companies have invested in a sustainable way. He is pleased to have recently, a manufacturer of Mohr heads visited removal in a biodegradable cellulose packaging instead of plastic packaging. “Such solutions should prevail. Unökologische packs should be more expensive.”

The Chance that the green liberals to implement their prescriptions in the Federal capital, is increased. You have gained 9 seats and now 16 of the 200 seats in the national Council. Even more, the Greens have not increased: their secondment is extended to 17 to 28 councils and is the fourth most powerful party. Together, the two parties dominate a fifth of the national Council. In the Council of States the small chamber, you will take 4 to 5 of the 46 seats, depending on how the second round turns out.

Bastien Girod benefits from a climate levy

With the election of a troop of lobbyists for green economy policy to the Parliament, for the benefit yourself professionally, from the green turn. The “Handelszeitung” has analyzed the activity of the 42 national councils of the two parties: energy planning to operate in addition to Jürg Grossen, Kurt Egger, a green entrepreneur from the Canton of Thurgau, and the green-liberal Barbara Schaffner from Zurich. A classic lobbyist is Bellaiche, the green-liberal Judith as heads of the Association Swico. This represents the Federal government in Bern, the interests of the IT and telecommunications industry and the electric appliance, organized recycling, which is funded by compulsory levy.

A Lobbyist for designers of all Stripes of the Aargau green liberal Beat is Flat. He works for the Association, SIA. Its provisions are deemed to be industry standard and law in cases of dispute character. SIA-club members benefit directly from the statutory obligation for the environmental rehabilitation of the buildings: the architects and engineers.
Of a higher climate levy for the reduction of CO₂ will benefit the Zurich Green Bastien Girod. His employer, the company South Pole with 18 offices around the world, organized “global solutions for the financing of sustainability of climate projects”.

Increasingly in the course of a sustainable turn in demand Advisor will be. As such, work in the Canton of Vaud inside Adèle Goumaz (Greens) and Isabelle Chevalley (GLP). And finally, the agricultural economy: the Reform AP22+ the subsidies for Organic production are expected to rise. Beneficiaries of the Basel countries, farmer Maya Graf, of the Berne Farmer Kilian Baumann and the environment in which the former organic farmer Christine Badertscher (all Green) would be.

“on it, especially a lot of drivers and frequent flyers”

you would pay The first political business, the two green parties on the stamp, is the Revision of the CO₂-law. It comes in December in the second reading in the national Council. The price for the burning of fossil fuels is expected to rise (carbon-tax). Are also provided a de facto ban on new Oil-fired heating systems in buildings starting in 2023, more stringent carbon limits for imported new cars, a petrol price increase of up to 12 cents, and a ticket levy from 30 to 120 francs.

But a dispute is yet to be decided: How much of the carbon is to be reduced-emissions up to the year 2030 and how much of it in Switzerland?

Roughly speaking, there are two dominant positions, according to which the parliamentarians were addressed so far: the of Economiesuisse and of the economic Association Swisscleantech. The former wants a reduction target of 25% of CO₂-emissions in Germany compared to 1990, the Latter requires 45 percent. Swiss clean-tech argued that this was in line with the Paris climate conference, to which Switzerland is known. Economiesuisse referred to such a goal as far-reaching.

The new green Power

the consequences of The Position of Swiss clean tech would be Even more ecological building renovations would be necessary, as is the case today, even more stringent carbon limits for cars and an even stronger incentive taxes on fossil fuels.

A majority of the Parliament addressed to date in accordance with the requirements of Economiesuisse. Thanks to the new green Swiss clean tech Makes senses the Chance, the more stringent the target to enforce. The Association should prevail, would many of its members benefit. The winner of a stricter CO₂-law would, according to the President of the Major sectors of building technology, mechanical, construction, Photovoltaic, thermal energy production, as well as the production and Import of E-cars and e-bikes. The manufacturers of E-Bikes and E-buses in Switzerland are a leader and their export opportunities significantly.

Should the subsidy rules will be revised in the agriculture in the direction of more organic, would be Coop, Migros and the farmer beneficiaries, believes Big, as long as you change your production.

What is quantify is neither Large nor Swiss clean tech, the cost of such visions. Big says that people and companies that pollute the environment a little, would be the winner of an ecological turn: “you would be a net benefit from the refund of the steering duties. On top of that, a lot of drivers, and frequent flyer numbers, especially”.