A professor, predicted in 2018 skrækscenariet that a new and unknown virus could occur. Now is the corona here – it will have prohibitive consequences?

I will return to, but first let us look at the terrible outbreak of the disease in Europe during the last centuries.

18. century: In June 1711 break the plague for the last time in Copenhagen.

‘over the next four months may well over a third of the city’s citizens, 23.000 inhabitants, their lives. Cemeteries and crypts become crowded. In the vicinity of the city is builded pesthospitaler and dug mass graves.’

I stand on the Copenhagen new, beautiful museum with my children and reading this. Next to hang a chart, which tells the story of cholera.

19. century: In 1853 hit Denmark of cholera.

‘over the summer door 4.737 inhabitants. The disease spreads through drinking water and direct human-to-human being,’ stands there.

at the Time lived 130,000 people in Copenhagen, and 5.6 percent were attacked.

20. century: If we are going to talk about the last centuries major epidemics, so it must be on its place to mention the Spanish flu, which hit the world in June 1918.

It was a pandemic flu, which struck 50 million people (of which 14.000 danes). On Wikipedia you can see a picture of a sporvognskonduktør, in 1918, and refuses the access of passengers, because they do not have the mask on. According To The Science.dk called the disease ‘All pandemiers mother’.

21. century: the DR has made a nice series with Life Thomsen as the host, ‘the History of on the inside’. I can highly recommend the series.

One of the sections is about the major epidemics. Now we must remember that the program was finalised, before we knew of corona, and perhaps, therefore, ends this section by telling you about one of today’s biggest epidemics: the epidemic of obesity. According to the programme, the door more of the obesity than of hunger.

the Four door on the day of obesity in Denmark alone (according to the health authorities).

It was to turn the DR, already in 2018 posted an article where professor Anders Fomsgaard predicted the following: ‘It is not a question of an equally lethal pandemic (like the Spanish flu, red.) come again. It is a question of when it will come. Such a virus, in which no one is immune to, and which perhaps occurs once in every century.’

And he continued: ‘Skrækscenariet is that an avian influenza virus with a 90 percent mortality gains the ability to infect from human to human. It can, for example, if the wrong bird meets the wrong pig: Pigs have the strange ability, that they may be infected with menneskeinfluenza and the avian flu. So, pigs are sort of a pot where the virus from birds and people to meet.’

The pandemic will write themselves into history as this century’s greatest? An as of yet unknown? Corona? We don’t know. Yet.

Annette Heick

Annette Heick was born in 1971. She is a journalist, tv host, singer, and entrepreneur, and is married to the chef Jesper Vollmer. She is the mother of two sons.