the Main intrigue of the ceremony was played between “Storm” and the series “Epidemic” Pavel Kostomarov, which was, in fact, a visionary, predicting the future. However, this “Storm” was, according to the producers, a step ahead.

it Should be noted that both series came out not in the movie and not on TV: their premiere took place on the video. And this is directly related to the activities of the Association. Although in its title and not the word “Internet”, yet this is not the first prize, which the producers handed out awards to projects that came online. And in this plan it ahead of other major Russian film awards.

Look at how distributed the prizes this year. “The storm” received two acting awards. Alexander Robak won the First statuette as best actor in a TV series. Maxim lagashkin – laureate in the nomination “the best actor in the series”. Boris Khlebnikov was the best Director. And Natalia meshchaniniv and Stepan Devonin received the award for best screenplay.

the “piggy Bank” “Epidemic” – awards to the Actresses. Victoria Isakov – “Best female role in the series”, Maryana Spivak – “the Best female role of the second plan”. David Chasnikov recognized as the best operator. Elina karakhanova and Alexey Ivchenko awarded for the best work of make-up. Stepan Gordeev and Alexander Korolev – for the best work of the film editor.

as for the other series, the prize winners were the “Battalion” (Best mini-series (4 episodes)), he also received the award in the nomination “the Best sound”; “Magnificent five” (Best TV series (24 episodes)), “Beetles” (Best Comedy series), “Three cats” (Best animated series).

the TV Series “Ekaterina. Impostors” was awarded for the best work of a costume designer (Svetlana Moskvina) and best art Director (Sergey Vorobyov). The project “the Stepfather” won in the category “Best original music for the series” (Artem’ev). Best casting Director named Tatiana Aryutkin, who worked on the series A. L. J. I. R.

In the category “Best feature film” the producers become to be original and, as on “Golden eagle” award, which managed to pass this year is real and not virtual , recognized as the best “Text” Klim shypenko. One of the producers of “Text” Eduard Iloyan said that with the film they have made space results.

Important aspects of online of the ceremony was the presentation of three special prizes. The producers at its award did not announce, such as “NIKE”, the winners in advance, so that everything happening was a big surprise for all of you who watched the stream.

a special prize “For the creation of most favorable conditions for the filming of” received just three regions – Ulyanovsk, Novgorod and Kaliningrad region. Three governors came to the online space to tell you how they collaborate with the film industry.

a special prize “For his years of loyalty to the series” was awarded to Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky. On account of shows such as “Eternal call”, “House with the lilies”, “Ermak”, “Shadows disappear at noon” and others. They took in the creative tandem of the film 34, and Vladimir Krasnopolsky said online that if you count the series as individual movies, they took 600 pictures. This is good news – the winners of the 8th prize APKIT still making and does not intend to stop.

special prize of the Association of producers “For the expansion of borders” has received the General Director of “Ekspokontent” Alexander Modestova and CEO “Roskino” Eugene Markov. They were awarded for the work on international markets content and organization in 2019 in Russia the first market for foreign buyers Key Buyers Event. It is worth noting that in a week we will have a new content market that will be held online Key Buyers Event Digital, over his organization are currently working Modestova, Markov and their team.

the Full list of winners can be viewed on the official website of the APKIT.