It is not realistic to do this season is play-offs to play with. That “new insights”, the Belgian professional clubs came to be. There are two possible scenarios remain: the slotspeeldag of the regular season and the cup final to play, or not play it. The question arises as to whether, and when, the Club Brugge and the champion will be declared.

april 15, time for a workout, may 15, back at it. It was the timing in which the professional clubs on the figure for the current competition is at a very normal way to finish it. The players were asked to deal with timing in mind, in the home of an individual programme of work. For more than a week after their last meeting to recognize the teams from the 1A and 1B, that is, the reality of the coronacrisis the planning process behind it.

the Minister of public Health, Maggie De Block, stated on Sunday that the current measures in place for eight weeks, will continue. ”New insights teaches us that, in the play-offs are a regular way of finishing, today it is no longer possible,” said a clubleider. The board of directors of the Pro League is on Wednesday in a conference call together. Of the four scenarios, which will be on the table, there are two on board, the whole of the play-offs finishing in the play-offs, is partially complete. “Because that was no one waiting for us.”

The question now is whether the slotspeeldag of the regular season will be played out, or do anything at all. Among others, Zulte Waregem and is the CEO Eddy Cordier, makes the case for the competition, all the way to stop it. He asked that all of the technical unemployment rate for trainers, and is considering the same thing for its players.

The majority of the clubs want to go back to the regular season finish and the cup final to play, however, the Pro League wants to be in all of the scenarios will be prepared. As a player, for example, Waasland-Beveren, suddenly, a positive test in the solar corona at the time of the training, the resume? It should be quite the team back in the quarantine?

in the second leg of the promotiefinale remains a question mark. Will Oud-Heverlee Leuven is to accept to be in an empty stadium to play in after the Beerschot, before a packed house, and the first leg has to be allowed to finish?

as for The Pro League’s hope is that the next season to be honest can be, and think of formulas, consisting of eighteen or twenty, clubs on the 1A. It relies on the post and in the case of directives, for instance regarding the distribution of the European ones.

And then there’s the question of who the champion should be called. In the Netherlands, it is also suggested that the competition is prematurely breaking down without a champion. It does not seem likely that this is a scenario where the Club Brugge in Belgium, you will be able to find it.

in the play-offs later on?The slotspeeldag of the contest will be finished?Can Club Brugge, as a champion can be declared?It should Waasland-Beveren (belgium) be degraded?Should the cup final be played?Should be second leg of the promotiefinale between the OHL and Beerschot are still to be played?