Belgian football, the Day after the decision to make the Belgian league is to stop, the CHAMPIONS, the Royal Belgian football association (belgian football association), and the Pro League is a contact to a conference call. The post he doesn’t understand why now all of put an end to the season, and it is a European exception. The royal belgian football association and the Pro League explained their decision, and “has stated that they do not agree with the approach that the league’s forces to get to their competitions to continue to do so, under penalty of exclusion from European competitions.” Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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‘ This Friday morning, it was a conference call of more than an hour invested in between the post and the RBFA, and in the Pro League,” says the Pro League, in a press release on the agreement between UEFA and the belgian football association and the Pro League. “During this meeting, which was held in a constructive atmosphere, and selected by the directors of the Belgian soccer, with their designs on public health and economic arguments that were the basis for the recommendation of the Board of Directors, yesterday, drew.”

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“They also indicated that they did not agree with the approach that the league’s forces to get to their competitions to continue to do so in the current global health crisis, the penalty of exclusion from the European club competitions from next year.Both RBFA and the Pro League are big supporters of the solidarity within European football. Just from this series, calling one of our representatives for a policy that makes it possible for this situation to address, with respect to the particular context of each and every league.”

There was already a call logged. This will take place in about a week.In a comment on There saying the Pro League’s spokesman, Stu, Of, On, that there was no legal basis for the Belgian clubs from UEFA competitions. “This decision is a sovereign entity in the league and the union to. As long as our own rules, but in-tact. If the resolution of the annual general meeting is confirmed, we will make appropriate no fault.

the European exclusion?

Yesterday, it became clear that the union, to put it mildly, not been established, it is the decision of the Pro League in order to put an end to our competition.President, Ceferin wrote a letter to all European federations, which, in no uncertain words, the position is revealing. “Without unity, without solidarity, touched it, none of this crisis is that we are all connected to each other (…) Competitions to stop, should only be a last resort, if no alternative is on the calendar anymore.”

Between the lines by me to read that overall, European football is even threatening to European exclusion: “participating in the UEFA competitions shall be determined by the athletic achievements at the end of a full national league. A premature halt to the league sows the seeds of doubt as to the fulfilment of the condition. The union has the right to decide which clubs may be admitted to club competitions in the season 2020-2021.”

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