St. Ingbert – As the Prime Minister makes big eyes: range way, the toilet paper is stacked in the shelves. The “white Gold”, to the currently, all pre-want to, but is not delivered yet. Tobias Hans (42, CDU) to visit in the Edeka Central warehouse in the industrial area.

How is the role of distribution in his home? “We have enough toilet paper at home, reveals Hans the PICTURE Reporter. “My wife was shopping on Saturday in Bexbach, all of it was in stock what we needed. For a week we are now fed well.“ Hans lives with his Tanja and the twins Lena and Paul (1) Münch nine churches in the circuit.

What is also noticed him: There are less Hygiene items such as soap in the shelves of the shops. “But that’s a good sign that people wash more hands,” says the father of the country.