The Prime Minister of Italy set to extend limitations due to coronavirus

the Restrictive measures introduced in Italy to curb the spread of the coronavirus, should be extended, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Italy was the second most affected by COVID-19 country in the world after China. Since March 10, there are strict measures to combat the spread of the virus.

Movement within the country is permitted only for work, treatment or in emergency situations. This restriction is valid until 3 April.

most of the shops, except those that sell food and pharmacies should be closed until March 25.

However, both term can be transferred, as Italy continues to struggle with an outbreak of the virus, said Conte.

“We avoided the collapse of the system, the Prime Minister said. — Restrictive measures work.”

as of Thursday, Italy was infected with the coronavirus more than 35.7 thousand people, almost 3 thousand people died.