The price of oil rose again

the Price of oil Brent has grown in the course of trading on the London exchange ICE on Monday, April 27. This is evidenced by the trading platform.

the Cost of July futures increased by 0.93 percent and, as of 2:55 Moscow time, reached the mark of 25.04 per barrel. The price of June futures made up 21.64 per barrel.

as of 4:38 Moscow time futures contract for a barrel of oil of mark Brent with delivery in July 2020 is 24.05 USD per barrel.

24 APR Brent increased in price. Then a futures contract with delivery in June 2020 cost 22,40 dollar, showing an increase of 5.02 percent.

April 20, the price of the futures contract for the delivery of a barrel of oil us WTI for the first time in history fell below zero, and reached minus $ 40. It happened in the last day of trading in the contract. The incident was explained by the desire of traders to get rid of excess amounts in conditions of falling demand and lack of storage facilities.