The price of gas in Europe has reached another maximum, exceeding $ 620 per thousand cubic meters, it follows from the auction data.

On Monday, against the background of waiting for Gazprom’s report on IFRS, the price of a thousand cubic meters of gas at the TTF hub reached $ 600, on Tuesday trading started at $ 598, during the day it fell to $ 590.5, and by the end of the session it reached a record level of $ 621.

As Prime notes, the price of TTF under the contract “for the day ahead” also showed an increase to a record level, exceeding $ 611.

Earlier, Gazprom reported on the final commissioning works on the first line of the Nord Stream-2. The head of the company’s finance department, Alexander Ivannikov, said that the launch of the new gas pipeline will not have a significant impact on the volume of gas exports this year.

He also expressed the opinion that there are no prerequisites for lowering prices on the European gas market, since reserves in underground storage facilities are at a record low level.