The conference of health ministers advises in Magdeburg on the current corona situation. At 1 p.m., the ministers will announce the results of their deliberations at a press conference. It is clear that there will be a special conference of health ministers on July 1st. The press conference in the ticker protocol.

1:13 p.m .: But he wants to “limit low-risk tests without cause,” he continues. These tests should no longer be free for everyone in the future. “You all know the reports about the abuse that took place. I want to make sure that the tests are then carried out.” That ends Lauterbach’s statement and we end our live ticker.

1:10 p.m .: “In my opinion, the citizen tests are absolutely necessary,” says Lauterbach. He suggested that the federal states participate with 50 percent. “You have to see how that will be implemented, I’m currently negotiating with Finance Minister Lindner.” I think the “citizen tests are very important,” says Lauterbach, “even beyond June 30.” This is quite surprising, since he had previously called for an end to the free citizen tests because they would cost billions.

1:08 p.m .: The “better use of medication and up-to-date information about the occupancy of corona and care beds” are also important building blocks for the future. He also speaks of July 1st as the day on which the results of many reports will be published.

1:07 p.m .: Lauterbach praises the “common spirit” of the conference as “very important. That was all decided together with the federal states.” Then he talks about his 7-point plan, “which was very well received here. The Infection Protection Act must be reformed, vaccination campaigns must be prepared, vaccination gaps must be closed. In addition, we had too little data – we want to change that.”

1.05 p.m .: Now Lauterbach speaks and calls today’s event “a very important conference before a very difficult autumn”. In addition to rising energy prices and the Ukraine war, a corona wave is also rolling towards Germany.

1:04 p.m .: Then she answers the exciting question about corona preparations for a potential wave. “We have agreed that we will meet on July 1st and present measures in a special GMK (conference of health ministers, editor’s note).” All reports should be available by June 30th.

1:02 p.m .: “More than 50 have been met, mostly by mutual agreement,” announces Grimm-Benne and thanks her colleagues. “We want to equip health authorities digitally,” she begins with a very important point.

1:00 p.m.: It starts on time! Saxony-Anhalt’s Health Minister Petra Grimm-Benne will speak first, followed by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

On Thursday, the health ministers of the federal states will discuss the corona measures planned for the future with Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD). The ministers then report on the results. FOCUS Online reports in the live ticker.

On the fringes of the talks, SPD Minister Lauterbach insisted on an end to the free citizen tests. He justifies this with costs in the billions.