The presidents of Russia and South Ossetia discussed the investment program of the Republic of

“In General, relations are on the rise – good. Last year we recorded a growth in turnover, which is not good. Made and the investment program in the amount of 4.2 billion”, – stated the head of the Russian state and invited the interviewee to share their thoughts on how to move forward and that for the country as a priority.

Photo credit: TASS/ Putin explained the difference between oligarchs and modern business

the Investment program failed within two years – 2018 and 2019 – almost to perform at 100 percent, said Bibilov. This became possible thanks to close cooperation with the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs, which was responsible for joint implementation, as well as with the Kremlin administration. “I believe that thanks to our close relations, cooperation, we have established this work,” – said the head of South Ossetia.

much work has been done on the budget formation. “That is all tasks, which in principle were put before us – before the Caucasus, the leadership of the Republic, they actually performed”, – said Bibilov and thanked all participants of these processes for good attitude and close interaction. “Together we managed to do it,” he said.

the South Ossetian leader also congratulated Putin on the day of formation of the state security Committee. “You made his life and, of course, a lot did,” he said.