may 27, correspondence mode was held the meeting of the Board of the Russian biathlon Union. According to its results it became known that approved before the candidacy of Valery Bolhovskogo for the post of chief coach of the national team will not be submitted for approval to the Ministry of sports of Russia. Also mentors male and female teams will not be Robert Kabukov and Vladimir korolkevich.

For the post of coach of the men’s team recommended known for his work with skiers-sprinters Yury Kaminsky, and women’s post – Michael Shatilov. Earlier, the head of the RBU Vladimir Drachev opposed candidates Bolhovskogo, Kabakova and Korolkevich, although the decision was taken by the majority of the members of the Board of the RBU.

moreover, during this meeting, the Vice-President of the organization Sergey Chepikov invited for the post of chief coach of the national team… Drachev. And he has not abandoned this option.

“with great pleasure I combined the posts of President and head coach, I think we can consider this candidate. Because it would be correct to combine everything in one person, and I am, in principle, ready for this”, – quotes the words Drachev “Match TV”.

Another issue on the agenda was the convening of the extraordinary conference of the RBU, which will be selected by the President and Board members. Drachev, which recently for its solutions continues to haunt biathlon society expected voted against it. But in the end, by eight votes against three for the decision to convene the conference was made.

It is to be held on 11 July and not the fact that Drachev retain his post. Alas, our biathlon continues to be mired in some internal disassembly, which risks to affect the performance of athletes. Last season was a failure. And the Olympics in 2022 remains very little time. And the current situation runs the risk of complicate the athletes fight for awards.