TEHRAN, June 24. /TASS/. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on possible retaliatory action by Tehran in the event of a decision by the IAEA adopted under pressure from the United States and Israel. The policy statement was broadcast on Wednesday, Iranian state television.

“In recent years, Israel and the US agents had placed tremendous pressure on the IAEA and I fear that these fraudsters will infect the Agency,” he said. According to the President, “if Iran will go for retaliatory action, they will be decisive”.

however, he added that “the basis for [policy] has always been Tehran’s cooperation with IAEA”.

Rouhani also said that Iran is ready for talks with the US, but only after “return of Washington to implement the UN resolutions and their commitments under the nuclear deal”. “Our position is clear — the US must obey international law, to apologize and compensate the damage caused to Iran”, he said.

the IAEA Board of governors adopted the June 19 resolution “eurothree” (great Britain, France, Germany) demand that Iran provide access to two objects, where the Agency suspects a possible storage of undeclared nuclear material. The draft resolution was drawn up on the basis of the report of the Director of the Agency, Rafael Grossi. Of the 35 States of the Council of 25 members supported the resolution, Russia and China voted against, seven abstentions.

the Russian Ambassador in Vienna, the Mikhail Ulyanov called for the IAEA and Iran to resolve the problems that can be compounded due resolution. The permanent mission of China to the international organizations in Vienna warned of major consequences for the future of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s Ambassador Kazem Gharib Abadi rejected the resolution and warned of retaliatory action.