MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. Haiti is waiting for the hunger, if you do not take measures to overcome the crisis situation caused by a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, said the President Jovenal of moiz.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, according to the world Bank. The food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) in its report earlier reported that in Haiti, there was one of the worst food crises in 2019. According to experts, the crisis has affected approximately 3.7 million inhabitants of Haiti or 35% of the population.

as an aid to the population the President has promised to pay the Haitians to 3 thousand gourdes (about 30.5 USD). He pointed out that residents of four departments (out of 10) will receive payments at the beginning of this week. Also, local authorities began plowing the land in several regions of the country, of my requesting him to start plowing in new areas. The President furthermore stated that he would ask the Minister of agriculture to provide farmers with seeds.

According to the health Ministry of the country, in Haiti, 76 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, eight people were recovered and six died. In Haiti there is a regime of emergency health situation, imposed a curfew, prohibited events.