The President of Brazil called coronavirus deception on the part of journalists

the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro accused his political opponents and the press that they deliberately deceive the citizens about the danger of coronavirus, since Latin America is preparing for a sharp increase in the number of deaths, writes The Guardian.

Pandemic coronavirus has already claimed nearly 15 million lives around the world and, apparently, will lead to deaths in Latin America in the coming weeks, when many regional governments closed borders and closed a big city in a desperate attempt to limit the damage.

But Bolsonaro continues to resist such restrictive measures, ignoring the “hysteria” of mass media about the coronavirus and calling the disease a “small flu”.

In a television interview on Sunday evening Bolsonaro again underestimated the scale of the pandemic and attacked the governors of key States, including Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo, which ordered residents to stay home and entered quarantine.

“People will soon see that they were deceived by these governors and a large part of the media when it comes to the coronavirus,” said Bolsonaro amid reports of 25 deaths and 1546 cases of infection with coronavirus infection in Brazil.

Bolsonaro said that the wave of mass protests that took place on Sunday, was part of a conspiracy by the media to overthrow him.

“It is a shameless campaign of colossal and absurd campaign against the head of state… They want to overthrow me as possible,” said he.

Two public opinion survey, the results of which were published previously, showed that the majority of the population are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with the behavior Bolsonaro.