a New form of fighters of special purpose, samples of weapons, including the upgraded sniper rifle, presented Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to the 5th separate special purpose brigade in Maryina Gorka, reports July 24, the press service of the President RB.

the commander in chief first asked the soldiers how comfortable the new equipment. Complaints, according to news portals, soldiers and officers are not expressed, noting that it is made of breathable fabric, wear well, in addition, there are samples in any weather.

the President has Examined small arms, used by the special forces machine guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and rocket launchers. And the commander of the special operations forces Vadim Denisenko reported to the President on organizational structure and main tasks of the brigade.

by the Way, said to BelTA, the 5th brigade of special forces was formed in January 1963, to perform reconnaissance and special tasks in deep behind enemy lines, and on-site. It consists of five groups of special forces, including two officers, and support units.

During the next working visit of Lukashenka plans to visit and opened in Maryina Gorka the pool “aquamarine”, to see the prospects of construction of objects of social infrastructure.