to Expand the format of providing housing to social workers and to actively build it into the regions of Belarus according to Alexander Lukashenko one of the most important tasks of the Executive. He stated on June 11 in the discussion of the report on the draft government decree “On citizens has the priority right to rental housing,” the press service of the head of state.

One of the key challenges facing the government in the next five years, the President stated, is the development of regions, which is impossible without social workers. He explained that we are talking about the support of various categories of workers, including doctors and teachers, whom Lukashenko called “basic hostility”.

Now doctors thank you for the work in the difficult epidemiological situation, however, the housing question for the doctor can be more important words of gratitude, believes the Belarusian leader.

Touching the prepared draft resolution, he asked whether all the issues addressed in the document whether all categories of social workers covered by it. The President believes that we should not indiscriminately provide benefit reduction factor for rental housing. “There are people that can easily pay for rental housing, and there are people who need support. Therefore, this question should always pay attention”, – he clarified his point of view.

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko said that the draft document was developed in conjunction with the leadership of all regions of the country. “At the moment of the total rental stock, and it is 148 453 dwelling are inhabited by more than 92 percent. Over the past two years and the first quarter of 2020 the needy provided about 4.5 thousand residential premises lease Fund,” he said.

As noted in the government, to date, more than 49 thousand social workers in need of better housing conditions, the desire to obtain rental housing expressed about five thousand people. By far the most acute, this problem in Minsk and Gomel regions. While the number of physicians, who signed five-year contracts and in need of rental housing, nearly 2.5 thousand people, of teachers – more than a thousand, and of cultural workers and creative workers – 631.

However, some positive experience in providing housing for young professionals have already gained in the health care system. For 2017-2019 years, housing has received more than two thousand young doctors who have been allocated 572 rental apartments and 534 private rooms in hostels. The experience of the Ministry of health, according to the government, speaks of the necessity of legislative consolidation of rights for social workers on priority provision ��rodnogo housing.