The President instructed to inform the citizens on the situation with coronavirus

“In a world already 93 thousand people fell ill, mainly China but also South Korea, and Italy, and Iran,” he added. “We have agreed with you that will create the appropriate structure, a Commission that will be engaged in “staff” mode to work on this topic. How has this work and what is the situation we have in Russia on this day?” – asked Vladimir Putin.

More than 83 thousand cases is China, and 12 thousand – in other countries, said Golikova. Died more than three thousand people, recovered more than 48 thousand. Coronavirus was registered in 80 countries, but the situation from hour to hour changes, unfortunately, on the downside, she said. Since the establishment in Russia of the work on prevention of penetration of new coronavirus infection (31 December) in our country have been identified, three cases were.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti Golikova told Putin about the work on the vaccine for coronavirus

Two of them – Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen oblast, at the beginning, citizens of China, they have already recovered. And one case – a Russian citizen, recently returned from Italy. Three more were evacuated from Japan with a cruise ship, they are treated in Kazan satisfactory condition.

“In recent years, social networks popping fake messages about a large number of cases in Russia and that the official authorities are hiding this information. Once again I want to tell you that this is not true,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. Operational headquarters, the government, all authorities who supervise the situation, the regions are strict in the prevention of virus penetration into the territory of ourcountry. “The data that I have just mentioned – the real data, for which we officially meet,” he assured her.

the Government is taking all measures. To APR extended the restrictive measures against China. Given the worsening situation in South Korea, Iran, we have made additional decisions similar to those that were adopted in China. Golikova said that stopped the movement of the train “Moscow – nice”. People are recommended to refrain from trips to Iran, Korea and Italy. The Ministry of foreign Affairs informed the authorities and large Russian organizations that participate in international events, including sports held in the territories of States is unfavorable in respect of an epidemic. “First of all, we are talking about Iran, South Korea and Italy,” – said Golikova. At all checkpoints of the state border pass control measures.

Since the establishment in Russia to prevent penetration of coronavirus were detected, three cases

At the research center “Vector” in Novosibirsk region are working on vaccines against novel coronavirus infection in 5 areas and 13 options. “We are trying as quickly as possible to accelerate the development of these drugs”, – assured the Deputy Prime Minister.

On behalf of the President, the government has taken all measures to eliminate the shortage of masks and reduction of their prices, according to the decision of the Prime Minister restricted the export of personal protective equipment for the territory of Russia except for humanitarian purposes. Deputies from “United Russia” has proposed amendments that allow the government to impose a 90-day restriction on the price of drugs and medical products for which prices are not regulated. To avoid the threat of price increases during the epidemic period, has explained Golikova.

the President was surprised that there may be for humanitarian cases to put masks over the border. Deputy Prime Minister explained that they were taken in China. “But if we ourselves have not enough…” – said Putin. Received singingthe explanation that it will only be by decision of the highest political leadership of the country.

Photo: Peter Kovalev/ TASS What will happen to the ruble, after a surprise rate cut, the fed

Even the head of state noted that provocative stuffing coronavirus are mainly from abroad – from the reports of the FSB. “This, unfortunately, accompany us always, he continued. – The purpose of stuffing clear – to sow panic among the population. To counter this, you can only one thing – timely, comprehensive and accurate information to the citizens of the country.” “Nothing, thank God, until we have a critical occurs. But people need to know about the real situation,” – said Putin has instructed to organize information.

Another topic was the autumn-winter heating period. A large part of the heating period in the country is completed, said Minister of construction Vladimir Yakushev. On special control on behalf of the President was the situation in the regions, which last year was the flooding in the area – and in General, everything normally.

“We want to see all incidents… so together with Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services we are currently developing an information platform”, – said Yakushev. The task of the next heating season to begin with this system to clearly monitor each region and municipality. “This will help to respond more quickly, in time to connect… and to have a clear clear picture of the whole map of Russia”, – said the Minister. He called and the level of debt for housing and communal services – 1 trillion 300 billion rubles.

compared with last year marked increase in the number of accidents at facilities of housing and communal services almost 30 percent of incidents – more than 50 percent, but it counts under the new methodology. The quality of public services and the correctness of the calculations is the main questions that people are asking on the “hot line”, also said Yakushev.

Provocative stuffing coronavirus are mainly from abroad. To counter this, you can only one thing – timely, comprehensive and reliable information for citizens

the Average time for disconnection of consumers from the electricity due to accidents decreased to two hours and it is the best indicator in recent years, said Deputy Minister of energy Yuri Manevich. This is largely due to the introduction of intelligent control systems based on digitalization.

Also at the meeting, it was about developing individual development programmes to certain regions. Their goal is the creation of economic potential, formation of own tax sources. The total funding for such programs from the state Treasury until 2024 will be 50 billion rubles, said Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov. Co-financing from regional budgets – is only 1 percent. It is expected that incomes in these regions will grow over the five years by nearly 30 percent.

the Main theme of the meeting was the implementation of a comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of backbone infrastructure – discussed in closed session. A presentation was made by the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich. “The decision on the preparation of specific legislative changes that can stimulate and accelerate the construction processes to remove unnecessary bureaucracy, faster decision and faster to start construction,” he said later to reporters.