The President does not sign amendments to the Constitution, if they do not support citizens

President Vladimir Putin will not sign the law on amendments to the Constitution, if they do not support the citizens of Russia. He stated this at a meeting of the Council for the development of local self-government. Live broadcast led the TV channel “Russia 24”.

the Head of state stressed that people need to come to the points of the nationwide vote and said if they want these changes. According to him, the citizens of the country and will be “the final authority that takes the law on the amendments or rejects it.”

“And only after people have their say, I will sign or won’t sign,” said the President.

the President pointed out that the discussed amendment will not affect the fundamental provisions of the first and second chapters of the Basic law, which guarantees the autonomy of local government. According to the President, on the ground focuses the absolute majority of national projects. And the role of local government in the implementation of national projects will increase many times, if there are strong effective contacts between municipalities and civil society.